The Investigators

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Adler ,Ph.D. Shelley University of California, San Francisco3$504,677
Adler ,BA Adam Stanford University1$76,000
Agadir ,Ph.D. Anissa The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$76,126
Albala ,Ph.D. Joanna University of California, Davis1$406,092
Albertson ,Ph.D. Donna University of California, San Francisco2$322,503
Allen ,DrPH Bruce Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science1$520,005
Alpaugh ,Ph.D. Mary University of California, Los Angeles1$80,000
Ancoli-Israel ,Ph.D. Sonia University of California, San Diego1$141,282
Andersen ,Ph.D. Angela University of California, San Francisco1$48,563
Andersen ,M.D. Bogi University of California, Irvine2$189,500
Andrews ,Ph.D. Nicolas University of California, Davis1$84,822
Angell ,Ph.D. Karyn Oregon Research Institute1$76,087
Artandi ,M.D., Ph.D. Steven Stanford University3$1,278,220
Ashing ,Ph.D. Kimlin City of Hope National Medical Center6$1,063,587
Avram ,MPA Speranza Northern Sierra Rural Health Network1$6,667
Azarenko ,M.A. Olga University of California, Santa Barbara1$65,415

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Bachovchin ,A.B. Daniel Scripps Research Institute1$29,366
Badawi ,Ph.D. Ramsey University of California, Davis1$99,907
Baek ,Ph.D. Hyeon-Man University of California, Irvine1$90,000
Baek ,Ph.D. Sung Hee University of California, San Diego1$75,583
Bailey ,M.D., F.A.C.S. Lisa American Cancer Society1$10,509
Bailly-Maitre ,Ph.D. Beatrice The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$87,424
Balon ,Ph.D. Thomas City of Hope National Medical Center1$74,000
Banks ,M.A. Priscilla African American Advisory Committee1$131,244
Barcellos-Hoff ,Ph.D. Mary Helen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory3$1,105,912
Bardwell ,Ph.D. Wayne University of California, San Diego1$164,427
Baribault ,Ph.D. Helene The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$385,198
Barlow ,BSN, NP Janice Unknown2$29,847
Barsky ,M.D. Sanford University of Nevada, Reno2$350,000
Bartlett ,Gina Consensus Building Institute, Inc.1$1,180,252
Bascom ,Ph.D. Jamie Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$23,713
Bastani ,Ph.D. Roshan University of California, Los Angeles4$642,849
Bax ,M.S. Michael Stanford University1$66,141
Belkora ,Ph.D. Jeffrey University of California, San Francisco4$1,026,851
Bellusci ,Ph.D. Saverio Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles1$446,400
Benod ,Ph.D. Cindy University of California, San Francisco1$90,000
Benz ,M.D. Christopher Buck Institute for Age Research1$1,122,520
Berlin ,M.S. Lucy Young Moms with Breast Cancer1$64,189
Berman ,Ph.D. Barbara University of California, Los Angeles2$405,509
Bernstein ,Ph.D. Leslie Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope3$564,398
Beyene ,Ph.D. Yewoubdar University of California, San Francisco1$236,853
Bhatia ,M.D. Vinona University of California, San Francisco1$42,117
Bissell ,Ph.D. Mina Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$11,760
Bitton ,Ph.D. Rachel Stanford University1$88,257
Bjeldanes ,Ph.D. Leonard University of California, Berkeley1$89,925
Blackburn ,Ph.D. Elizabeth University of California, San Francisco1$44,677
Blake ,M.S. Catherine University of California, Irvine1$29,136
Bliss-Isberg ,Ph.D. Caroline WomenCARE2$931,220
Bloom ,Ph.D. Joan University of California, Berkeley3$1,651,299
Blouw ,Ph.D. Barbara The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$134,618
Boatright ,B.S. Kelly The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$60,000
Bokoch ,Ph.D. Gary Scripps Research Institute1$529,149
Boone ,Ph.D. John University of California, Davis2$763,310
Booth ,B.S. Heidi Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness, Inc.2$485,015
Borgstrom ,Ph.D. Per Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego2$374,716
Borowsky ,M.D. Alexander University of California, Davis2$305,678
Bose ,M.D. Shikha Cedars-Sinai Medical Center2$405,111
Boss ,M.D. Gerry University of California, San Diego1$498,596
Boudreau ,B.Sc. Aaron Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$62,434
Boudreau ,Ph.D. Nancy University of California, San Francisco1$75,000
Bourk ,BA Eliot University of California, San Diego1$75,051
Bower ,Ph.D. Julienne University of California, Los Angeles1$224,991
Brasch ,M.D. Robert University of California, San Francisco1$299,736
Brew ,Ph.D. Christine University of California, Berkeley1$80,000
Briknarova ,Ph.D. Klara The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$49,869
Britton ,Florence Women of Color Breast Cancer Survivors Support Project1$93,750
Brodsky ,D.Phil. Frances University of California, San Francisco1$150,000
Brongiel ,M.P.H. Ilana Centro de Salud de la Comunidad de San Ysidro, Inc.1$210,071
Brooks ,M.D., FACS Mai University of California, Los Angeles2$167,422
Brown ,Ph.D. Eric University of Pennsylvania1$70,000
Brown ,M.D. Kathleen University of California, Los Angeles1$35,211
Brown-Swigart ,Ph.D. Lamorna Breast SPORE Advocacy Care1$21,021
Bruey-Sedano ,Ph.D. Nathalie The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$84,643
Buehring ,Ph.D. Gertrude University of California, Berkeley3$387,415
Buermeyer , Nancy Breast Cancer Prevention Partners1$345,000
Buonocore ,M.D., Ph.D. Michael University of California, Davis2$96,956
Buren ,Heather United Fire Service Women2$812,752
Burke ,Ph.D. Nancy University of California, San Francisco1$10,000
Burkhart ,Ph.D. Deborah University of California, San Francisco1$74,808
Burns ,MS, BA, Beverly Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic2$53,346
Bush ,Jason California State University, Fresno Foundation1$90,000
Butler ,M.D. John University of California, Irvine2$999,915
Byus ,Ph.D. Craig University of California, Riverside1$149,850

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Cabot ,Ph.D. Myles John Wayne Cancer Institute1$495,150
Cadena ,Ph.D. Deborah University of California, San Diego1$144,936
Camacho ,Jose Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas1$677,611
Campbell ,Ph.D. Michael University of California, San Francisco5$858,670
Campisi ,Ph.D. Judith Buck Institute for Age Research1$239,303
Cao ,Ph.D., M.D. Yixue University of California, San Diego1$79,981
Capitman ,Ph.D. John California State University, Fresno Foundation1$50,400
Caprio ,Maria Shanti Project, Inc.1$93,906
Cardiff ,M.D., Ph.D. Robert University of California, Davis2$166,871
Carlson ,M.D. Robert Stanford University1$155,781
Carpenter ,M.P.H., Ph.D. Catherine University of California, Los Angeles2$577,445
Carpenter ,Ph.D. Ellen University of California, Los Angeles1$149,493
Carrera , Erin Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments1$28,273
Case Lo ,Ph.D.c Christine University of California, San Francisco1$11,827
Casey ,Ph.D. Graham University of Southern California1$243,676
Castaneda ,Ph.D. Sheila San Diego State University Research Foundation1$210,071
Chan ,B.S. Hei Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$76,000
Chan ,Ph.D. Chung-leung University of California, San Diego1$68,730
Chang ,M.D., Ph.D. Helena University of California, Los Angeles2$705,089
Chang ,M.D, Ph.D. Howard Stanford University1$232,934
Chao ,Ph.D. Ta-Hsiang Scripps Research Institute1$64,152
Chapman ,Ph.D. Mark Ligand Pharmaceuticals1$75,045
Charboneau ,Ph.D. Aubri University of California, San Francisco1$39,029
Chase ,MD, MPH Emmett Kimaw Medical Center1$82,500
Chatterji ,Ph.D. Urmi University of California, Berkeley1$40,000
Chaudhari ,Ph.D. Abhijit University of California, Davis1$149,332
Chen ,M.D. Steven Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope2$422,466
Chen ,M.S. Kuan-Hui University of California, Riverside1$187,500
Chen ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Moon University of California, Davis1$93,750
Chen ,Ph.D. Hongwu University of California, Davis1$286,151
Chen ,Sc.D. Longchuan La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine1$199,174
Chen ,Ph.D. Shiuan Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope5$3,153,710
Cheng ,Ph.D. Zhen Stanford University1$261,806
Cheresh ,Ph.D. David University of California, San Diego1$187,500
Chew ,M.D. Helen University of California, Davis1$100,000
Chiang ,Ph.D. Kyle Scripps Research Institute1$59,121
Chin ,M.D., Ph.D. Koie University of California, San Francisco1$100,000
Chin ,Ph.D. Soo-Young Korean Health, Education, Information and Research Cntr1$36,321
Ching ,Ph.D. Tsui-Ting University of California, San Francisco1$49,612
Chlebowski ,M.D., Ph.D. Rowan LA Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center1$140,541
Choe ,Ph.D. Senyon Scripps Research Institute1$375,052
Choi ,Ph.D. Hee Kwang The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$79,824
Chopel ,M.P.H. Alison Public Health Institute1$114,344
Chou ,B.S. Jonathan University of California, San Francisco1$38,000
Chu ,M.D. Gilbert Stanford University1$160,500
Chuong ,M.D., Ph.D. Cheng-Ming University of Southern California1$244,320
Cimprich ,Ph.D. Karlene Stanford University2$276,575
Clark ,PhD, RN Mary Jo University of San Diego1$85,430
Clark ,Phyllis Healthy Heritage Wellness1$19,076
Clarke Dur ,Ph.D. Christina Cancer Prevention Institute of California1$366,955
Clegg ,Nicola University of California, San Francisco1$50,941
Coetzee ,Ph.D. Gerhard University of Southern California1$244,889
Cohen ,M.D. Stanley Stanford University1$312,937
Cohn ,Ph.D., MPH, MCP Barbara Public Health Institute7$7,929,670
Collie ,Ph.D. Kate Stanford University1$83,368
Collins ,Ph.D. Colin Unknown1$149,590
Comstock ,M.D. Christopher University of California, San Diego1$733,901
Conboy ,Ph.D. John Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$119,968
Contag ,Ph.D. Christopher Stanford University1$237,448
Cooper ,Ph.D. Virgil University of California, Los Angeles1$187,981
Cordova ,Ph.D. Matthew Veterans Administration Health Care System-Palo Alto1$74,968
Crandall ,M.D. Carolyn University of California, Los Angeles1$300,000
Crane-Okada ,Ph.D., RN, CNS, AOCN Rebecca Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$124,625
Cravatt ,Ph.D. Benjamin Scripps Research Institute3$1,100,364
Cummings ,B.A., M.D. Steven University of California, San Francisco1$100,000
Cupolo Freeman ,Ann Alta Bates Medical Center1$502,616
Curtis ,BS, MS, PhD Sandra Earth Island Institute1$14,668

D  Top

Dairkee ,Ph.D. Shanaz California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute6$2,613,509
Dalessandri ,M.D.; F.A.C.S. Kathie University of California, San Francisco1$89,925
Danenberg ,Ph.D. Peter University of Southern California2$595,661
Daniel ,M.D. Bruce Stanford University1$235,100
Davalos ,Ph.D. Albert Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2$331,231
Davidson ,Ph.D. Pamela University of California, Los Angeles1$425,497
Davis ,Ph.D. Vicki Duquesne University2$608,972
Davis ,Ph.D. Jaimie University of Southern California1$244,374
Dawson ,Ph.D. Marcia The Burnham Institute for Medical Research4$957,062
De Leon ,Ph.D. Daisy Loma Linda University1$353,776
Debs ,M.D. Robert California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute2$604,750
DeFea ,Ph.D. Kathryn University of California, Riverside1$295,893
DeGregorio ,Pharm.D. Michael University of California, Davis1$99,708
Deisseroth ,M.D., Ph.D. Albert Food and Drug Administration1$288,728
Delfino ,M.D., Ph.D. Ralph University of California, Irvine1$299,567
Delgado ,Ph.D., M.P.H. David University of Southern California1$123,127
Demos ,Ph.D. Stavros Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory2$99,513
DeNardo ,M.D. Gerald University of California, Davis1$215,191
Denison ,Ph.D. Michael University of California, Davis1$421,680
Desgrosellier ,Ph.D. Jay University of California, San Diego1$150,000
Desprez ,Ph.D. Pierre-Yves California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute5$944,246
Dhillon ,Navdeep University of California, Davis1$50,386
Dibble ,D.N.Sc., RN Suzanne University of California, San Francisco2$218,157
Ditzel ,M.D., Ph.D Henrik Scripps Research Institute1$279,890
Dix ,B.S. Melissa Scripps Research Institute1$76,000
D'Onofrio ,DrPH Carol University of California, Berkeley1$502,616
Donoghue ,Ph.D. Daniel University of California, San Diego2$376,643
Drummond ,Ph.D. Daryl Hermes Biosciences, Inc.3$537,946
Ducker ,Ph.D. Dalia California School of Professional Psychology1$127,553
Duron ,Ysabel Latinas Contra Cancer2$109,700

E  Top

East ,Ph.D. Lucy University of California, San Francisco1$30,890
Edwards Wampler ,B.H.S. Meredith University of California, San Francisco1$33,937
Egeblad ,Ph.D. Mikala University of California, San Francisco1$80,000
Ekstrand ,M.D., Ph.D. Bradley Stanford University1$34,233
Eliceiri ,Ph.D. Brian La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine1$310,950
Elsbree ,MBA Dawn Humboldt Community Breast Health Project1$40,790
Elvine-Kreis ,M.A. Brenda Humboldt Community Breast Health Project1$217,102
Ely ,Ph.D. Kathryn The Burnham Institute for Medical Research3$718,404
Enan ,Ph.D. Essam Vanderbilt University1$106,412
Engelstad ,M.D. Linda Alameda County Hospital Authority1$10,000
Enger ,Ph.D. Shelley Kaiser Foundation Research Institute4$417,730
Engle ,BA Dannielle Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$76,000
Erickson ,Ph.D. Kent University of California, Davis3$805,565
Esserman ,M.D. Laura University of California, San Francisco4$1,255,508
Estrin ,BA Diane Community Action to Fight Asthma2$711,147
Eversley ,Ph.D. Rani University of California, San Francisco3$818,543
Evins ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Daramola San Francisco Department of Public Health1$73,361
Ewald ,Ph.D. Andrew Johns Hopkins University1$135,000

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Facione ,Ph.D., R.N., F.N.P. Noreen University of California, San Francisco1$223,588
Faris ,Ph.D. Gregory SRI International1$733,901
Farren ,M.D. Georgianna Zero Breast Cancer1$246,800
Fata ,Ph.D. Jimmie City University of New York1$75,422
Feigelson ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Heather American Cancer Society2$217,075
Fejerman ,Ph.D. Laura University of California, San Francisco2$214,647
Felding ,Ph.D. Brunhilde Scripps Research Institute11$4,024,773
Feldman ,M.D., Ph.D. Brian Stanford University1$236,068
Feldman ,M.D. David Stanford University2$1,391,089
Felton ,Ph.D. James Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory1$435,346
Fendorf ,Ph.D. Scott Stanford University1$10,000
Fernandes-Taylor ,BA Sara University of California, Berkeley1$65,744
Ferrier ,R.N. Susan Connecting to Care5$626,093
Fiorentino ,Ph.D. Lavinia University of California, San Diego1$73,218
Firestone ,Ph.D. Gary University of California, Berkeley5$639,925
Fisher ,Ph.D. Susan University of California, San Francisco1$1,125,000
Fong ,Ph.D. Sylvia California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute1$88,906
Foo ,M.P.H., CHES Mary Anne Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance, Inc.2$683,822
Ford ,M.D. James Stanford University1$145,649
Formenti ,M.D. Silvia New York University Medical Center3$782,764
Friesenhahn ,Ph.D. Laurie Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$36,379
Frisch ,Ph.D. Steven The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$97,500
Fujii ,Ph.D. Gary Molecular Express1$684,291
Fujita-Yamaguchi ,Ph.D. Yoko Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$347,674
Fuller ,Ph.D. Margaret Stanford University1$230,373
Furthmayr ,M.D. Heinz Stanford University1$54,000

G  Top

Galande ,Ph.D. Sanjeev National Centre for Cell Science1$69,998
Gallardo ,Psy.D. Nilsa University of California, Los Angeles1$27,628
Ganz ,M.D. Patricia University of California, Los Angeles2$83,350
Garcia ,M.D. Agustin Louisiana State University1$18,203
Gardiner ,DrPH Phillip Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program1$117,783
Ge ,Ph.D. Xin University of California, Riverside1$241,174
Geiger ,M.P.H., Ph.D. Ann Kaiser Foundation Research Institute1$271,408
Geyfman ,B.S. Mikhail University of California, Irvine1$71,491
Gibson ,Ph.D. Bradford Buck Institute for Age Research1$1,122,520
Giese-Davis ,Ph.D. Janine University of Calgary/Alberta Cancer Board2$226,942
Gilad ,Ph.D. Eli Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$59,102
Gill ,M.D. Gordon University of California, San Diego1$295,246
Gilley ,Ph.D. David Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$117,712
Giuliano ,M.D. Armando John Wayne Cancer Institute2$456,854
Gjerset ,Ph.D. Ruth Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies2$637,995
Glaser ,Ph.D. Sally Cancer Prevention Institute of California2$484,948
Glenn ,Ph.D. Beth UCLA School of Public Health3$355,405
Goga ,M.D., Ph.D. Andrei University of California, San Francisco1$150,000
Golant ,Ph.D. Mitch The Wellness Community-National2$316,851
Goldman ,M.D. L. Elizabeth University of California, San Francisco2$388,230
Goldrath ,Ph.D. Ananda University of California, San Diego1$150,000
Gomez ,LCSW Carla Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute1$212,648
Gomez ,PhD Scarlett Cancer Prevention Institute of California5$1,922,438
Gonzalez ,Ph.D., M.D. Christina Latinas Contra Cancer1$25,000
Goodman ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Marc Cedars-Sinai Medical Center1$1,122,177
Gorman ,M.P.H. Jessica University of California, San Diego1$34,617
Goth-Goldstein ,Ph.D. Regine Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$272,029
Gottesfeld ,Ph.D. Joel Scripps Research Institute1$342,796
Gottstein ,M.D. Claudia University of California, Santa Barbara1$150,000
Graves ,Ph.D. Edward Stanford University1$234,189
Gregg ,M.D. Jeffrey University of California, Davis2$357,251
Gregorich ,Ph.D. Steven University of California, San Francisco1$942,767
Groffen ,Ph.D. John Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles1$481,843
Grotegut ,Ph.D. Stefan The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$134,558
Gu ,Ph.D. Bingnan University of California, Irvine1$135,000
Guerra-Vladusic ,Ph.D. Fabiana Unknown1$22,115
Gulsen ,Ph.D. Gultekin University of California, Irvine1$149,162

H  Top

Hagios ,Ph.D. Carmen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$40,393
Hahn ,Ph.D. Erin Kaiser Permanente Southern California1$1,199,287
Haiman ,Sc.D. Christopher University of Southern California1$462,925
Hall ,Ph.D. Katherine California State University, Northridge1$84,366
Halley ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Meghan Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute1$212,648
Hamilton ,Ph.D. Ann University of Southern California2$375,068
Hancock ,M.D. Steven Stanford University1$1,033,898
Haque ,Ph.D. Reina Kaiser Foundation Research Institute2$631,738
Hargreaves ,Ph.D. Brian Stanford University1$236,771
Harley ,Ph.D. Kim University of California, Berkeley2$1,369,137
Harmon ,BA Gloria Women of Essence1$62,500
Harness ,M.D. Jay St. Joseph Hospital1$267,981
Harradine ,Ph.D. Kelly University of California, San Francisco1$60,521
Harris ,Ph.D. G. Shyamala Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory4$461,554
Harris ,Ph.D. Danni Molecular Research Institute1$112,041
Harrison ,Robert Public Health Institute1$1,398,624
Hartman ,M.D. Anne-Renee Dana-Farber Cancer Institute1$85,968
Hartmann Siantar ,Ph.D. Christine Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory1$215,191
Havas , Laurie Public Health Institute1$756,093
Hawkes ,Ph.D. Susan University of California, San Francisco1$184,537
Hayashi ,M.D., Ph.D. Masaaki Scripps Research Institute1$85,212
Hayden Gephart ,MD Melanie Stanford University1$236,541
Heck ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Julia University of California, Los Angeles2$867,768
Heinzel ,Ph.D. Thorsten Georg-Speyer-Haus1$68,607
Hellerstein ,M.D., Ph.D. Marc University of California, Berkeley1$197,000
Hellmann-Blumberg ,Ph.D. Uta University of the Pacific1$75,000
Henderson ,M.D. Brian University of Southern California4$443,502
Henderson ,Ph.D. Paul University of California, Davis2$687,555
Henderson ,Ph.D. Katherine DeLellis Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$32,953
Hiatt ,M.D., Ph.D. Robert University of California, San Francisco3$1,118,394
Hild ,M.S. Zoology Joanne Sierra Streams Institute4$643,337
Hill ,Ph.D. Colin University of Southern California1$610,319
Hill ,Ph.D. Deirdre National Cancer Institute1$60,604
Hinck ,Ph.D. Lindsay University of California, Santa Cruz1$449,228
Hindmarsh ,Ph.D. Elizabeth The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$86,400
Hodges Gallagher ,Ph.D. Leslie University of California, San Francisco1$90,000
Hoffman ,Ph.D. Edward University of California, Los Angeles1$189,421
Hofman ,Ph.D. Florence University of Southern California1$242,854
Holcombe ,M.D. Randall University of California, Irvine1$328,129
Hollenbach ,M.P.H, Ph.D. Kathryn University of California, San Diego1$189,970
Hong ,M.S. Yanyan Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$67,543
Hoon ,MSc, Ph.D. David John Wayne Cancer Institute5$1,579,421
Horiuchi ,Ph.D. Dai University of California, San Francisco1$90,000
Horn-Ross ,Ph.D. Pamela Cancer Prevention Institute of California3$760,315
Hovey ,Ph.D. Russell University of California, Davis1$149,944
Howard ,Nicole CHG Foundation1$58,530
Howell ,M.D. Stephen University of California, San Diego1$124,870
Hu ,Ph.D. Hailiang University of California, Los Angeles1$100,000
Huang ,D.Sc. H. University of California, San Francisco1$299,757
Huang ,Ph.D. Shi The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$572,450
Huflejt ,Ph.D. Margaret Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center3$570,678
Hunt ,Ph.D. C. Anthony University of California, San Francisco1$148,400
Hurley ,MPH Susan Cancer Prevention Institute of California1$130,837
Huskey Mullin ,BA Noelle University of California, San Francisco1$75,981
Hwang ,M.D., MPH Shelley Duke University1$499,630
Hylton ,Ph.D. Nola University of California, San Francisco3$1,154,729

I  Top

Imam ,M.S., Ph.D. Syed Ashraf Huntington Medical Research Institute2$637,065
Ingles ,DrPH Sue Ann University of Southern California4$808,847
Itahana ,Ph.D. Koji Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$68,889

J  Top

Jabrane-Ferrat ,Ph.D. Nabila University of California, San Francisco1$120,811
Jackson ,Ph.D. Peter Stanford University1$112,710
Jackson ,M.D. Janis Scripps Research Institute2$324,119
Jacobson ,Ph.D. Catherine University of California, San Francisco1$20,123
James ,Ph.D. Sharon The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$85,218
Jeffrey ,M.D. Stefanie Stanford University5$1,437,147
Jen ,M.D., Ph.D. Kuang-Yu University of California, San Francisco1$45,000
Jessani ,B.S. Nadim Scripps Research Institute1$30,000
Jocson ,BA Edwin West Bay Philipino Multi-Service Center1$10,000
Johanning ,Ph.D. Gary SRI International1$299,273
John ,Ph.D. Esther Cancer Prevention Institute of California4$2,765,984
Johnson ,Ph.D. Randall University of California, San Diego1$593,000
Johnston ,Ph.D. Michael University of California, Los Angeles2$89,391
Jones ,Ph.D. Ella University of California, San Francisco1$149,600
Jong ,Ph.D. Ling SRI International3$1,205,952
Joseph ,Ph.D. Arul Scripps Research Institute1$85,576
Joseph ,Ph.D. Galen University of California, San Francisco2$449,875

K  Top

Kaartinen ,Ph.D. Vesa Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles1$323,925
Kagawa-Singer ,Ph.D., R.N., M.N., M.A. Marjorie University of California, Los Angeles3$758,072
Kahn ,M.D. Katherine University of California, Los Angeles1$891,916
Kaiser ,Ph.D. Peter University of California, Irvine2$274,600
Kallab ,M.D. Verena University of California, San Francisco1$79,600
Kaminker ,Ph.D. Patrick Buck Institute for Age Research1$79,999
Kang ,Ph.D. Keon Wook University of California, Irvine1$17,298
Kaplan ,Dr.P.H. Celia University of California, San Francisco3$1,949,418
Karin ,Ph.D. Michael University of California, San Diego2$833,828
Karliner ,M.D. Leah University of California, San Francisco1$150,000
Kasahara ,M.D., Ph.D. Noriyuki University of California, Los Angeles1$684,291
Kaufman ,Ph.D. Paul Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$231,844
Kaye ,Ph.D. H. Stephen University of California, San Francisco1$50,000
Ke ,Ph.D. Yuehai The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$86,400
Kerlikowske ,M.S., M.D. Karla University of California, San Francisco2$472,771
Kiger ,R.N., M.N. Holly YWCA Santa Monica/Westside1$93,750
Kijima ,M.S. Ikuko Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$59,631
Kim ,Ph.D. Youngsoo The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$75,596
Kim ,Ph.D. Nam Woo Geron Corporation1$224,149
Kim ,Ph.D. Sahn-Ho Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2$226,794
Kimme-Smith ,Ph.D. Carolyn University of California, Los Angeles1$305,847
Kingsbury ,Ph.D. Linda University of California, Berkeley1$69,981
Kipps ,M.D., Ph.D. Thomas University of California, San Diego1$299,886
Kirpotin ,Ph.D. Dmitri California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute1$60,597
Klemke ,Ph.D. Richard Scripps Research Institute1$257,006
Klifa ,Ph.D. Catherine University of California, San Francisco1$113,166
Klonoff-Cohen ,Ph.D. Hillary University of California, San Diego2$792,106
Knaus ,Ph.D. Ulla Scripps Research Institute3$865,263
Knowles ,Ph.D. Lynn The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$86,400
Koch ,Ph.D. Susanne Scripps Research Institute1$35,256
Koeffler ,M.D. Phillip Cedars-Sinai Medical Center1$75,750
Kohwi-Shigematsu ,Ph.D. Terumi Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory4$1,046,487
Komaromy ,M.D. Miriam University of California, San Francisco1$13,746
Konopelski ,Ph.D. Joseph University of California, Santa Cruz1$197,064
Koopman ,Ph.D. Cheryl Stanford University6$1,097,127
Koprowski ,Ph.D., R.D. Carol University of Southern California2$159,912
Kouros-Mehr ,B.S. Hosein University of California, San Francisco1$60,000
Kralli ,Ph.D. Anastasia Scripps Research Institute1$278,106
Kreshka ,M.A. Mary Anne Sierra Streams Institute7$1,251,727
Krig ,Ph.D. Sheryl University of California, Davis1$53,649
Kroetz ,Ph.D. Deanna University of California, San Francisco1$99,998
Krtolica ,Ph.D. Ana Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$448,730
Kulp ,Ph.D. Kristen Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory4$1,220,334
Kurian ,M.D. Allison Stanford University School of Medicine2$1,115,872
Kurten ,Ph.D. Richard University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences1$35,000
Kusdra ,Leonard University of California, San Francisco1$89,200
Kushi ,Sc.D. Lawrence Kaiser Permanente1$25,000
Kushner ,Ph.D. Peter University of California, San Francisco2$450,000
Kwan ,Ph.D. Marilyn Kaiser Foundation Research Institute3$650,656

L  Top

LaBarge ,Ph.D. Mark Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$208,900
Laderoute ,Ph.D. Keith SRI International2$719,930
Lahti ,M.S. Jennifer Stanford University1$75,992
Lai ,Ph.D. Cary Hsing Chao Scripps Research Institute1$87,472
Lamkin ,Ph.D. Donald University of California, Los Angeles1$796,604
Landgraf ,Ph.D. Ralf University of Miami1$99,371
Lang ,M.D. Julie University of Southern California1$244,591
Latterich ,Ph.D. Martin Proteomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine1$292,500
Lau ,M.S. Frances Stanford University1$75,924
Le Calvez ,Ph.D. Hervé Active Motif, LLC1$75,600
Lee ,Ph.D. Marion University of California, San Francisco2$658,118
Lee ,M.S. June Korean Community Center of the East Bay1$82,735
Lee ,Ph.D. Amy University of Southern California1$325,873
Lee ,M.D., Ph.D. Sug Hyung The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$51,527
Lee ,Eunjung University of Southern California2$382,530
Leitman ,M.D., Ph.D. Dale University of California, San Francisco2$349,310
Leopold ,M.D. George University of California, San Diego1$45,382
Levin ,Ph.D. Craig Stanford University1$154,879
Levine ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Ellen San Francisco State University2$215,052
Levy ,M.D. Ronald Stanford University1$224,749
Lewis ,Ph.D. Michael Baylor College of Medicine1$70,000
Li ,Ph.D Changqing University of California, Merced1$187,500
Lieberman ,Ph.D. Morton University of California, San Francisco3$449,568
Lillington ,R.N., M.N., DNSc. Linda LA Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center1$244,199
Lin ,Ph.D. Ching-Shwun University of California, San Francisco1$304,802
Lin ,Ph.D. Claudia Berlex Biosciences1$61,231
Lin ,Ph.D. Emme The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$264
Lin ,Ph.D. Yi Hsing Scripps Research Institute1$85,508
Lin ,M.S. Muqing University of California, Irvine1$76,000
Lindberg ,Ph.D. Nangel University of California, Los Angeles1$69,555
Lindfors ,M.D. Karen University of California, Davis1$500,000
Lindsay ,Ph.D., MSW, MPH Suzanne San Diego State University Research Foundation1$3,964
Link ,M.D. John MemorialCare Breast Cancer Research Group2$57,710
Lio ,Ph.D. Yi-Ching Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$485,757
Lipsick ,M.D.,Ph.D. Joseph Stanford University1$156,106
Lis ,Ph.D. Ewa University of California, San Diego1$67,520
Liston ,Ph.D. David Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$87,291
Liu ,Ph.D. Yongsheng Scripps Research Institute1$42,120
Liu ,Ph.D. Zheng-gang National Institutes of Health1$38,088
Liu ,Ph.D. Qiang Scripps Research Institute1$43,440
Liu ,Ph.D. Yi The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$10,310
Liu ,Ph.D. Bob University of California, San Francisco1$45,000
Lochter ,Ph.D. Andre Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$66,048
Londono ,Carlos Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc.1$203,730
Louie ,Ph.D. Gordon Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$322,293
Love ,M.D., M.B.A. Susan Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation5$951,559
Loverde , Marie Public Health Institute1$12,747
Low-Marchelli ,B.S. Janine University of California, San Diego1$76,000
Lu ,M.D. Yani Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$89,996
Lu ,M.D., Ph.D. Zhimin Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$85,968
Lu ,Ph.D. Quan Stanford University1$84,731
Lu ,Ph.D. Yuefeng Stanford University1$24,182
Luce ,M.S. Pat National Office of Samoan Affairs1$430,536
Luo ,Ph.D. Kunxin Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$362,691
Lupardus ,B.S. Patrick Stanford University1$59,987
Lupu ,Ph.D. Ruth Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$231,039
Lustgarten ,Ph.D. Joseph Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center3$1,161,364

M  Top

MacDonald ,R.N., M.S., APNG Deborah City of Hope National Medical Center1$630,150
Mack ,M.D., M.P.H. Thomas University of Southern California2$1,974,009
MacLeod ,Ph.D. Carol University of California, San Diego1$200,000
Malcarne ,Ph.D. Vanessa San Diego State University Research Foundation2$258,317
Malkhosyan ,Ph.D. Sergei The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$574,925
Maly ,M.D., M.S.P.H. Rose University of California, Los Angeles1$910,038
Marassi ,Ph.D. Francesca The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$285,141
Marconett ,B.S. Crystal University of California, Berkeley1$76,000
Markland ,Ph.D. Francis University of Southern California3$1,502,234
Marks ,Ph.D. Cara University of California, San Francisco1$222,349
Maroto ,Ph.D. Beatriz Scripps Research Institute1$86,400
Marple ,Ph.D. Teresa University of California, Davis1$78,647
Marquez , Jesse Coalition for a Safe Environment1$93,750
Marsh ,J. Lawrence University of California, Irvine1$328,129
Marshall ,JD Polly Breast Cancer Over Time1$26,180
Martin ,Ph.D. Steven University of California, Berkeley1$75,000
Maruyama ,Ph.D. Ichiro Scripps Research Institute1$267,291
Mataalii ,Sala Samoan National Nurses Association1$125,039
Matsuzawa ,Ph.D. Shu-ichi The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$74,866
Max ,Ph.D. Wendy University of California, San Francisco1$315,198
Maxwell ,DrPH Annette University of California, Los Angeles7$1,134,753
McAllister ,Ph.D. Sean California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute1$183,000
McDermott ,Ph.D. Kimberly University of California, San Francisco1$80,000
McGuire ,Peggy Women's Cancer Resource Center1$55,373
McPhee ,M.D. Steve University of California, San Francisco1$298,870
McPherson ,Ph.D. Lisa Stanford University1$75,238
Melnikow ,M.D., M.P.H. Joy University of California, Davis2$471,369
Mercola ,M.D., Ph.D. Daniel University of California, Irvine1$380,825
Merritt ,B.S. Sean University of California, Irvine1$58,304
Meyer ,Ph.D. Damon University of California, Davis1$90,000
Meyerowitz ,Ph.D. Beth University of Southern California1$610,760
Mian ,Ph.D. Saira Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$792,845
Millan ,Ph.D. Jose The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$97,407
Miller ,Ph.D. Sheldon University of California, Berkeley1$149,822
Mills ,Ph.D., MPH Paul University of California, San Francisco2$460,115
Mills ,M.D. Dixie Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation1$25,000
Milstein ,B.S. Marc University of California, Los Angeles1$71,835
Mishra ,M.B.B.S., Ph.D Shiraz University of New Mexico1$168,946
Mitchell ,M.D. Malcolm Wayne State University2$240,594
Mitchell ,M.A. Jill University of California, Los Angeles1$61,536
Mitchell ,MA Eudora Quinn Community Outreach Corporation1$62,500
Moasser ,M.D. Mark University of California, San Francisco3$994,957
Mochly-Rosen ,Ph.D. Daria Stanford University1$306,149
Moghal ,Ph.D. Nadeem Huntsman Cancer Institute1$85,633
Momand ,Ph.D. Jamil California State University, Los Angeles1$313,848
Monroe ,Ph.D. Kristine University of Southern California3$486,992
Montano ,MPH Brian Partnered for Progress1$165,834
Montgomery ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Susanne Loma Linda University1$136,924
Moorehead ,MA Dolores Women's Cancer Resource Center1$107,396
Morello-Frosch ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Rachel University of California, Berkeley2$1,526,267
Morris ,DVM, MPVM, Ph.D. Cyllene Public Health Institute1$65,235
Morrison ,Ph.D. Sherie University of California, Los Angeles1$193,224
Moses ,Ph.D. William Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$446,093
Mueller ,Ph.D. Barbara Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies5$892,399
Muggia ,M.D. Franco University of Southern California2$595,661
Mukhtar ,M.D. Rita University of California, San Francisco1$89,518
Murin ,M.D. Susan University of California, Davis1$74,968
Murphy ,Ph.D. Brian SRI International1$192,842
Murray ,BA Jennifer Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$41,984
Muschler ,Ph.D. John California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute5$915,600

N  Top

Naeim ,M.D., Ph.D. Arash University of California, Los Angeles1$180,890
Nalcioglu ,Ph.D. Orhan University of California, Irvine2$442,840
Namba ,Ph.D. Ruria University of California, Davis1$80,000
Nandi ,Ph.D. Satyabrata University of California, Berkeley5$1,636,065
Napoles ,PhD, MPH Anna University of California, San Francisco3$640,178
Narisawa ,Ph.D. Sonoko The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$436,722
Natipagon-Shah ,Ph.D., R.N. Bulaporn Thai Health and Information Service1$88,427
Navarro ,Linda Turtle Health Foundation3$617,144
Nebeker ,B.S. Jakob University of California, San Diego1$74,325
Nelson ,Ph.D. David Cancer Prevention Institute of California1$280,753
Nelson ,Ph.D. Hillary University of California, Berkeley1$50,000
Nelson ,M.D. Thomas University of California, San Diego2$374,879
Nelson ,M.D. Edward University of California, Irvine2$199,834
Nesterov ,Ph.D. Alexander University of California, San Diego1$69,685
Neuhausen ,Ph.D. Susan Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope2$673,595
Neve ,Ph.D. Richard Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2$291,916
Nguyen ,Kim Asian Health Services1$67,322
Nicastro ,Ph.D. Holly National Cancer Institute1$72,508
Nickell ,Ph.D. Alyssa Shanti Project, Inc.2$461,250
Nie ,M.S. Ke University of California, Irvine1$76,000
Niemeyer ,Ph.D. Christina Salmedix, Inc.1$75,600
Niessen ,M.S. Sherry Scripps Research Institute1$72,275
Noguera ,M.S. Christine Golden Valley Health Centers2$603,998
Northen ,Ph.D. Trent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$171,892

O  Top

Oakley-Girvan ,Ph.D. Ingrid Cancer Prevention Institute of California1$203,730
Ochs ,Ph.D. Robert Scripps Research Institute1$130,130
O'Connor ,Ph.D. Jacqueline University of California, Davis1$224,351
O'Donnell ,Sara Mendocino Cancer Resource Center4$1,072,022
O'Hayre ,B.S. Morgan University of California, San Diego1$74,660
Ohnemus ,M.D. Julie Humboldt Community Breast Health Project1$37,500
Okada ,M.D., Ph.D. Kazuya The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$32,050
Okahara ,Linda Asian Health Services2$340,778
Ortiz ,Ph.D. Carmen Circulo de Vida Cancer Support and Resource Center3$603,698
Ortiz de Solorzano ,Ph.D. Carlos Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$329,901
Oshima ,Ph.D. Robert The Burnham Institute for Medical Research4$1,475,984
Osth-Lillie ,M.S. Elizabeth University of Southern California1$59,868

P  Top

Pachynski ,M.D. Russell Stanford University1$89,600
Pajonk ,M.D., Ph.D. Frank University of California, Los Angeles2$399,377
Pal ,M.D. Sumanta City of Hope National Medical Center1$249,000
Palomares ,M.D., M.S. Melanie Ruth Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope2$251,381
Papahadjopoulos ,Ph.D. Demetrios University of California, San Francisco1$145,492
Pardridge ,M.D. William University of California, Los Angeles2$199,016
Park ,M.D. John University of California, San Francisco2$304,610
Park ,PH.D. Hannah Lui University of California, Irvine1$1,249,970
Parra ,BA Kimberly Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas1$691,526
Pasick ,DrPH Rena University of California, San Francisco1$55,502
Pasquale ,Ph.D. Elena The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$574,334
Pasqualini ,Ph.D. Renata The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$389,026
Patel ,Ph.D. Sunita Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$267,092
Paterniti ,Ph.D. Debora University of California, Davis1$166,431
Pegram ,M.D. Mark Stanford University1$236,225
Pellecchia ,Ph.D. Maurizo The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$285,764
Perucho ,Ph.D. Manuel The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$97,500
Petersen ,M.A., M.P.H. Dana University of California, Berkeley1$67,540
Peterson ,Ph.D. Jerry Cancer Research Institute of Contra Costa1$661,487
Petrakis ,M.D. Nicholas University of California, San Francisco1$67,821
Petreas ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Myrto California Department of Health Services1$67,779
Petritsch ,Ph.D. Claudia University of California, San Francisco1$149,990
Petrossian ,M.S. Karineh Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$76,000
Pfahl ,Ph.D. Magnus Maxia Pharmaceuticals1$377,091
Phillips ,M.S. John California Institute of Technology1$75,600
Piedrafita ,Ph.D. F. Javier Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies1$389,000
Pietras ,M.D., Ph.D. Richard University of California, Los Angeles4$762,199
Pike ,Ph.D. Malcolm University of Southern California3$963,409
Pinkel ,Ph.D. Daniel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$85,706
Piotrowicz ,Ph.D. Randolph Scripps Research Institute1$75,570
Pitteri ,Ph.D. Sharon Stanford University1$235,348
Plevritis ,Ph.D. Sylvia Stanford University1$145,649
Pollack ,M.D., Ph.D. Jonathan Stanford University2$637,295
Ponce ,Ninez University of California, Los Angeles1$167,216
Premack ,Ph.D. Brett University of California, Los Angeles1$41,311
Press ,M.D., Ph.D. Michael University of Southern California8$3,343,500
Price ,M.D. Richard University of California, San Francisco1$36,027
Privalsky ,Ph.D. Martin University of California, Davis1$149,942
Probst-Hensch ,Ph.D. Nicole University of Southern California1$81,598
Pujuguet ,Ph.D. Philippe Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$62,776
Puto ,M.S. Lorena The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$38,000

Q  Top

Quaranta ,M.D. Vito Scripps Research Institute2$599,328
Quezada ,Elsa Central Coast Center for Independent Living1$125,000

R  Top

Rakoff ,Michele Breast Cancer Care and Research Fund2$57,710
Rakow-Penner ,M.S. Rebecca Stanford University1$75,994
Rampino ,Ph.D. Nicholas Unknown1$606,017
Ramsamooj ,M.D. Rajen University of California, Davis1$99,513
Randall ,Ph.D. Donna Cancer Prevention Institute of California1$25,000
Rao ,M.D. Jian University of California, Los Angeles1$99,811
Rausch ,M.S., Ph.D. Helen Rebecca University of California, Los Angeles2$449,997
Reed ,M.D., Ph.D. John The Burnham Institute for Medical Research4$1,590,925
Rehn ,Ph.D. Marko The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$42,660
Reuben ,M.D. David University of California, Los Angeles1$520,640
Reynolds ,Ph.D. Peggy Cancer Prevention Institute of California15$7,418,588
Reynolds ,Ph.D. Wanda The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$573,176
Rhoads ,M.D., M.P.H. Kim Stanford University1$24,975
Rice ,Ph.D. Judd University of Southern California1$162,500
Richardson ,Ph.D. Adam The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$284,895
Riley ,M.A. Natasha Vista Community Clinic2$481,514
Rissling ,M.S. Michelle University of California, San Diego1$72,976
Rizki ,Ph.D. Aylin Virginia Commonwealth University1$80,656
Roberts ,M.D. Stephanie Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services2$193,414
Roberts ,M.D., Ph.D. Eric Public Health Institute1$345,297
Robertson ,Ph.D. Thomas University of California, San Francisco1$33,694
Robertson Creek ,Ph.D., MPH Moire SRI International1$159,053
Robinson Flint ,Janette Black Women for Wellness1$8,000
Rockson ,M.D. Stanley Stanford University School of Medicine1$234,071
Romaso ,Roman Slavic Assistance Center1$166,431
Romesberg ,Ph.D. Floyd Scripps Research Institute1$63,021
Rose ,D.V.M., Ph.D. David Unknown1$71,564
Rosen ,M.D. Glenn Stanford University1$228,595
Rosen ,Ph.D. Steven University of California, San Francisco1$100,000
Ross ,M.D. Ronald University of Southern California2$640,665
Roth ,M.D. Michael University of California, Los Angeles1$204,839
Roussos ,PhD, MPH Stergios San Diego State University Research Foundation2$344,161
Rubinsky ,Ph.D. Boris University of California, Berkeley1$200,000
Ruf ,M.D. Wolfram Scripps Research Institute1$284,250
Ruffner ,Ph.D. Heinz Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$75,445
Rugo ,M.D. Hope University of California, San Francisco3$496,553
Ruoslahti ,M.D., Ph.D. Erkki The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$378,655

S  Top

Sablan Santos ,Lola Guam Communications Network, Inc.1$376,796
Sadler ,Ph.D. M.B.A. Georgia University of California, San Diego3$245,393
Saldanha ,Ph.D. Sanjay Adrian Scripps Research Institute2$76,657
Samoszuk ,M.D. Michael University of California, Irvine2$148,986
San Juan ,M.S. Joel Operation Samahan Inc.1$6,000
Sarantis ,M.S. Heather Commonweal2$279,181
Sato ,Ph.D. Kevin Scripps Research Institute1$75,600
Sawai ,Ph.D. Earl University of California, Davis1$43,329
Schaffner ,Ph.D. Florence Scripps Research Institute1$89,600
Schaufele ,Ph.D. Fred University of California, San Francisco1$75,000
Schnitzer ,M.D. Jan Proteomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine2$844,748
Schonthal ,Ph.D. Axel University of Southern California1$242,382
Schott ,Ph.D. David California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute1$305,953
Schraufstatter ,M.D. Ingrid Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies3$441,674
Schwarzman ,MD, MPH Megan University of California, Berkeley3$1,260,714
Scorah ,Ph.D. Jennifer Scripps Research Institute1$80,740
Seibert ,Ph.D. J. Anthony University of California, Davis1$171,879
Seligman ,Fe Operation Samahan Inc.1$100,000
Sette ,Ph.D. Alessandro Epimmune Inc.2$389,734
Shackleford ,Ph.D. Gregory Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles1$372,604
Shames ,Ph.D., M.P.H. Lisa Amgen1$367,464
Shao ,Ph.D. Yiping University of California, Los Angeles1$69,139
Shariff-Marco ,Ph.D. Salma Cancer Prevention Institute of California1$114,000
Sharma ,Ph.D. Gaurav The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$90,000
Shau ,Ph.D. Hungyi University of California, Los Angeles1$506,070
Shen ,Ph.D. Wei-Chiang University of Southern California1$81,507
Shepherd ,Ph.D. John University of California, San Francisco5$419,007
Shiau ,Ph.D. Chung-Wai The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$103,232
Shibata ,M.D. Darryl University of Southern California1$78,798
Shimono ,M.D., Ph.D. Yohei Stanford University1$134,976
Shirazi ,Aida Afghan Coalition1$99,125
Shuai ,Ph.D. Ke University of California, Los Angeles1$225,000
Shuman ,Ph.D. Marc University of California, San Francisco1$67,830
Silverman ,M.D., Ph.D. Daniel University of California, Los Angeles1$296,994
Singer ,B.S. Lisa University of California, San Francisco1$48,115
Singh ,Ph.D. Jarnail California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute1$75,600
Singh ,Ph.D. Manbir University of Southern California1$309,228
Sirk ,BA Shannon University of California, Los Angeles1$38,000
Sklansky ,Eng.Sc.D. Jack Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science1$214,200
Slorach ,Ph.D. Euan University of California, San Francisco1$80,000
Smith ,Ph.D. Jeffrey The Burnham Institute for Medical Research4$1,414,627
Smith ,Ph.D. Martyn University of California, Berkeley1$1,083,676
Smith ,B.S. Jennifer University of California, Santa Barbara1$74,988
Smith-Bindman ,M.D. Rebecca University of California, San Francisco1$580,887
Snyder ,M.D., Ph.D. Evan The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$313,559
So ,BA Alex University of California, San Francisco1$60,000
Solomon ,M.D., MPH Gina California Environment Protection Agency1$100,000
Somkin ,Ph.D. Carol Kaiser Permanente1$131,244
Spicakova ,Ph.D. Tatana Stanford University1$66,302
Spiegel ,M.D. David Stanford University3$1,657,372
Spruck ,Ph.D. Charles The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$483,500
Sriramarao ,Ph.D. Pragada La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine1$304,797
Staflin ,Ph.D Karin Scripps Research Institute1$71,577
Stahlberg ,Ph.D. Henning University of California, Davis1$100,000
Stallcup ,Ph.D. Michael University of Southern California1$492,719
Stampfer ,Ph.D. Martha Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$251,476
Stanton ,Ph.D. Annette University of California, Los Angeles1$99,982
Stark ,Ph.D. Jeremy Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$166,406
Stefani ,AA Tony No affiliation1$788,489
Stern ,M.D. Robert University of California, San Francisco1$302,120
Stewart ,Ph.D. Susan University of California, San Francisco2$657,982
Stoletov ,Ph.D. Konstantin University of California, San Diego2$134,945
Stone ,Kendra Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic1$169,653
Stram ,Ph.D. Daniel University of Southern California1$411,297
Strohmaier ,Ph.D. Heimo Scripps Research Institute1$31,582
Strongin ,Ph.D. Alex The Burnham Institute for Medical Research3$924,896
Su ,Ph.D. Min-Ying (Lydia) University of California, Irvine2$449,633
Su ,M.D. Irene University of California, San Diego1$968,782
Sun ,Ph.D. YingQing The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$75,600
Sun ,Ph.D. Jeonghoon University of California, San Francisco1$20,193
Surani ,B.S. Zul Special Service for Groups3$285,455
Susini ,Ph.D. Barbara University of California, San Diego1$134,530
Sweeney ,Ph.D. Colleen University of California, Davis1$339,287
Sweet ,Ph.D. Deborah Scripps Research Institute1$5,047
Swenson ,Ph.D. Stephen University of Southern California1$244,500
Szoka ,Ph.D. Francis University of California, San Francisco1$200,000

T  Top

Tabb ,Ph.D. Michelle University of California, Irvine1$58,132
Tamae ,Ph.D. Daniel University of Pennsylvania1$67,060
Tanabe ,Ph.D. Masato Helix 12 Pharmaceuticals, LLC1$364,820
Tanjasiri ,DrPH, MPH Sora California State University, Fullerton4$364,992
Tapp ,Carolyn Women of Color Breast Cancer Survivors Support Project2$10,676
Tepper ,Ph.D. Clifford University of California, Davis1$133,392
Terskikh ,Ph.D. Alexey The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$284,262
Testa ,Ph.D. Jacqueline Proteomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine1$135,132
Theisen ,Ph.D. Heidi University of California, Irvine1$13,849
Theodorakis ,Ph.D. Emmanuel University of California, San Diego1$210,715
Thomas ,Ph.D. Michael Albert University of California, Los Angeles1$248,762
Thompson ,M.Sc., Ph.D. Devon Stanford University1$166,465
Thorndyke ,Ph.D. Brian Stanford University1$31,556
Timmerman ,Ph.D. Luika University of California, San Francisco1$187,330
Tisnado ,M.P.A., Ph.D. Diana University of California, Los Angeles1$165,834
Tlsty ,Ph.D. Thea University of California, San Francisco7$3,452,057
Treier ,Ph.D. Mathias University of California, San Diego1$69,361
Tripathy ,M.D. Debasish University of Southern California3$382,347
Tromberg ,Ph.D. Bruce University of California, Irvine3$1,049,915
Truong ,B.S. Lan University of California, Irvine1$76,000
Tsai ,B.S. Connie University of California, Irvine1$36,704
Tsai ,Ph.D. Jeff University of California, San Diego1$90,000
Tsoh ,Ph.D. Janice University of California, San Francisco1$93,354
Tumer ,Ph.D. Tumay Nova R & D, Inc.1$126,280
Tyurina ,Ph.D. Oksana University of California, San Diego1$132,860

U  Top

Umezawa ,Ph.D. Yoshiko University of California, Los Angeles2$62,169
Ursin ,M.D., Ph.D. Giske University of Southern California1$1,693,685
Uyeki ,M.S. Terry Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation1$217,102

V  Top

Valentino ,Ph.D. Daniel University of California, Los Angeles1$221,716
Vallerga ,Ph.D. Anne Pangene Corporation1$130,332
Van Buskirk ,Ph.D. Cheryl California Institute of Technology1$86,400
VanBrocklin ,Ph.D. Henry Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$69,580
van't Veer ,Ph.D. Laura University of California, San Francisco2$20,023
Veltmaat ,Ph.D. Jacqueline Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles1$90,000
Vera ,Ph.D. David University of California, San Diego3$174,224
Verma ,Ph.D. Inder Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$291,000
Verma ,Ph.D. Suman University of California, Irvine1$37,961
Vetter ,Ph.D. Kai Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory1$215,191
Vogt ,Ph.D. Peter Scripps Research Institute1$277,887
von Friederichs-Fitzwater,Ph.D. Marlene University of California, Davis3$608,369
Vulpe ,Ph.D. Chris University of Florida1$1,175,569
Vuori ,M.D., Ph.D. Kristiina Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute5$1,331,809

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Walker ,Ph.D. Ameae University of California, Riverside2$691,444
Wallace ,M.D. Anne University of California, San Diego1$498,596
Wallace ,Mary San Joaquin Valley Health Consortium1$138,500
Wang ,Ph.D. Zhiyong University of California, San Diego1$86,400
Wang ,Ph.D. Xiaofei Unknown1$37,200
Wang ,Ph.D. Daojing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$165,335
Wang ,M.D. Wei Cancer Prevention Institute of California2$93,850
Wang ,Ph.D. Shizhen Emily University of California, San Diego4$734,268
Wang ,Ph.D. Guobao University of California, Davis1$187,500
Wapnir ,M.D. Irene Stanford University2$340,200
Wardlaw ,Linda Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic1$107,396
Waterman ,Ph.D. Marian University of California, Irvine2$378,129
Weaver ,Ph.D. Valerie Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$70,000
Webb ,Ph.D. Paul University of California, San Francisco1$225,000
Weber ,M.D., Ph.D. Jeffrey University of Southern California1$293,506
Wei ,Ph.D. Wensheng Stanford University1$86,400
Weigel ,M.D., Ph.D. Ronald Stanford University1$232,444
Weitzel ,M.D. Jeffrey Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope2$278,419
Wellisch ,Ph.D. David University of California, Los Angeles2$137,574
Werb ,Ph.D. Zena University of California, San Francisco2$1,088,680
West ,M.D., Ph.D. Robert Stanford University5$896,397
Westphal ,M.D. Lynn Stanford University1$82,027
Whittemore ,Ph.D., M.A. Alice Stanford University1$264,595
Wieneke ,Ph.D. Mary University of California, Davis1$307,456
Williams-Hill ,Ph.D. Donna University of Southern California2$510,610
Williamson ,Ph.D. Elizabeth Cedars-Sinai Medical Center1$85,968
Wilson ,Ph.D. Cindy University of California, Los Angeles1$150,000
Wilson ,M.D. Lori John Wayne Cancer Institute1$188,044
Winthrop ,Ph.D. Michelle University of California, Davis1$68,615
Wisner ,D.V.M. Erik University of California, Davis1$40,912
Wolf ,M.D. Dieter The Burnham Institute for Medical Research2$340,043
Wong ,Ph.D. Ching Hang University of California, San Francisco1$90,000
Wong ,B.S., B.A. Cynthie Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope1$67,871
Wong ,M.D. Albert Stanford University1$241,380
Woodruff ,Tracey University of California, San Francisco2$1,406,639
Wrensch ,M.P.H., Ph.D. Margaret University of California, San Francisco3$691,451
Wright ,Ph.D. William California Cancer Registry1$38,258
Wright ,Ph.D. Aaron Pacific Northwest National Laboratory1$105,147
Wu ,M.D., Ph.D. Joseph Stanford University1$239,213
Wu ,Ph.D. Anna University of Southern California11$10,180,439
Wu ,Ph.D. Anna University of California, Los Angeles1$87,924
Wu ,Ph.D. Xiaohua Scripps Research Institute2$574,910
Wyckoff ,Nathaniel University of California, Los Angeles1$62,644

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Xia ,Ph.D. Yan Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$65,297
Xie ,M.D., Ph.D. Wen Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$16,178
Xu ,Ph.D. Yang University of California, San Diego1$51,393
Xu ,B.S. Xiaoman University of California, Irvine1$73,723

Y  Top

Yamamoto ,Ph.D. Fumiichiro The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$292,500
Yang ,M.D.,M.S. Min University of California, Irvine1$21,574
Yang ,Ph.D. Chen The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$90,000
Yang ,Ph.D. Jing University of California, San Diego1$150,000
Yaswen ,Ph.D. Paul Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory3$1,999,594
Yates ,M.D., Ph.D. John Scripps Research Institute1$621,289
Yean ,Ph.D. Dawn SRI International1$86,297
Yen ,Ph.D. Irene University of California, San Francisco2$377,253
Yokomori ,Ph.D. Kyoko University of California, Irvine1$100,000
Yoo ,Ph.D. Grace San Francisco State University1$23,995
Young ,Sandra Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project3$551,243
Youngren ,Ph.D. Jack University of California, San Francisco1$199,740
Yu ,Ph.D. Zhengquan University of California, Irvine1$135,000

Z  Top

Zahedi ,Ph.D. Rana Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1$79,595
Zapata ,Ph.D. Juan The Burnham Institute for Medical Research1$75,600
Zarling ,Ph.D. David Pangene Corporation1$260,988
Zaveri ,Ph.D. Nurulain SRI International3$1,083,990
Zeh ,Ph.D. Karin Acaris Inc.1$26,841
Zhang ,Ph.D. Xiao-Kun The Burnham Institute for Medical Research4$1,926,731
Zhang ,Ph.D. Hong Stanford University1$75,034
Zhang ,Ph.D. Liqun JoAnn University of California, Berkeley1$35,000
Zhang ,Ph.D., M.D. Jun Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center1$89,600
Zhang ,Ph.D. Lei University of California, Los Angeles1$123,748
Zhou ,M.D., Ph.D Qing University of Southern California1$75,599
Zhu ,Ph.D. Quan Salk Institute for Biological Studies1$85,557
Zhu ,Ph.D. Jiewen University of California, Irvine1$134,769
Ziegler ,M.D., M.Sc. John University of California, San Francisco1$499,630
Ziogas ,Ph.D. Argyrios University of California, Irvine1$287,979
Ziv ,M.D. Elad University of California, San Francisco1$803,111
Zweifler ,M.D. John University of California, San Francisco1$138,500