Applied Optics

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Frequency-domain photon migration measurements of normal malignant tissue optical properties in a human subject.
  Fishkin JB, Coquoz O, Anderson ER, Brenner M, Tromberg BJ
  Yr:1997 Vol:36 Nbr:1 Pgs: 10-20
  Associated Grant: Non-Invasive Optical Detection of Breast Cancer
Method for recovering quantitative broadband diffuse optical spectra from layered media.
  Li A, Kwong R, Cerussi A, Merritt S, Hayakawa C, Tromberg B.
  Yr:2007 Vol:46 Nbr:21 Pgs: 4828-33
  Associated Grant: Breast Cancer Functional Imaging with Optics and MRI
Development of a transillumination infrared modality for differential vasoactive optical imaging.
  Dixit SS, Kim H, Visser B, Faris GW
  Yr:2009 Vol:48 Nbr:10 Pgs: D178-86
  Associated Grant: Differential Optical Mammography