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Apoptosis in the terminal endbud of the murine mammary gland: a mechanism of ductal morphogenesis
  Humphreys RC, Krajewska M, Krnacik S, Jaeger R, Weiher H, Krajewski S, Reed JC, Rosen JM
  Yr:1996 Vol:122 Nbr: 12 Pgs: 4013-22
  Associated Grant: Bax gene expression in breast cancer
Defects in mouse mammary gland development caused by conditional haploinsufficiency of Patched-1
  Lewis MT, Ross S, Strickland PA, Sugnet CW, Jimenez E, Scott MP, Daniel CW.
  Yr:1999 Vol:126 Nbr:22 Pgs: 5181-93
  Associated Grant: Homeobox Genes: A New Class of Human Breast Oncogenes?
HIF-1alpha is a critical regulator of secretory differentiation and activation, but not vascular expansion, in the mouse mammary gland.
  Seagroves TN, Hadsell D, McManaman J, Palmer C, Liao D, McNulty W, Welm B, Wagner, et al.
  Yr:2003 Vol:130 Nbr:8 Pgs: 1713-24
  Associated Grant: Genetic Aspects of Physiological Response During Lactation
Fgf10 Expression Identifies Parabronchial Smooth Muscle Cell Progenitors and is Required for their Entry into the Smooth Muscle Cell Lineage
  Mailleux, A. A., Kelly, R.G., Veltmaat, J.M., ...and Bellusci, S.
  Yr:0 Vol:132 Nbr: Pgs: 2157-2166
  Associated Grant: Role of FGF10 in Early Mouse Mammary Gland Development
Gli3-mediated somatic Fgf10 Expression Gradients are Required for the Induction and Patterning of Mammary Epithelium along the Embryonic Axes.
  Veltmaat, J.M., Relaix, F., Le. L.T., Kratochwil, K., Sala, F.G....and Bellusci, S.
  Yr:0 Vol:133 Nbr: Pgs: 2325-2335
  Associated Grant: Role of FGF10 in Early Mouse Mammary Gland Development
Mammary Ductal Morphogenesis Requires Paracrine Activation of Stromal EGFR via ADAM17-Dependent Shedding of Epithelial Amphiregulin. Development 132(17): 3923-33 Not exactly project, but relevant
  Sternlicht, M.D., Sunnarborg, S.W., Kouros-Mehr, H., Yu Y., Lee D.C., Werb Z.
  Yr:0 Vol:132 Nbr:17 Pgs: 3923-3933
  Associated Grant: Gene Expression Profiling in the Developing Mammary Gland
Disruption of reelin signaling alters mammary gland morphogenesis.
  Khialeeva E, Lane TF, Carpenter EM
  Yr:2011 Vol:138 Nbr:4 Pgs: 767-76
  Associated Grant: Reelin Signaling Involvement in Breast Cancer Cell Migration