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F-box/WD-repeat proteins Pop1p and Sud1p/Pop2p form complexes that bind and direct the proteolysis of Cdc18p
  Wolf DA, McKeon F, and Jackson PK
  Yr:1999 Vol:9 Nbr: Pgs: 373-376
  Associated Grant: Control of DNA Replication in Breast Cancer
Cell-polarity dynamics controls the mechanism of lumen formation in epithelial morphogenesis.
  Martín-Belmonte F, Yu W, Rodríguez-Fraticelli AE, Ewald AJ, Werb Z, Alonso MA, Mostov K
  Yr:2008 Vol:18 Nbr:7 Pgs: 507-13
  Associated Grant: Regulation of Mammary Epithelial Invasion by MMPs and FGFs
Differential regulation of L- and T-plastin genes in leukocytes and non-leukocytes
  Lin CS, Huynh T
  Yr:1996 Vol: Nbr: Pgs:
  Associated Grant: Role of L-Plastin in Breast Cancer