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In vivo proteomic imaging analysis of caveolae reveals pumping system to penetrate solid tumors
  Oh P, Testa JE, Borgstrom P, Witkiewicz H, Li Y, Schnitzer JE
  Yr:2014 Vol:20 Nbr: Pgs: 1062-1068
  Associated Grant: p97 as a Therapeutic Target in Breast Cancer Metastasis
PIM1 kinase inhibition as a targeted therapy against triple-negative breast tumors with elevated MYC expression doi:10.1038/nm.4213
  Horiuchi, D, Camarda, R, Zhou A, Yau C, Momcilovic, O, Balakrishnan S, et al.
  Yr:2016 Vol: Nbr: Pgs:
  Associated Grant: Identifying Novel Drugable Targets Against TNBC