Molecular Cell

Index Medicus: Mol Cell # of Articles: 5


Siah, SIP, and Ebi collaborate in a novel pathway for b-catenin degradation linked to p53 responses
  Matsuzawa SI, Reed JC
  Yr:2001 Vol:7 Nbr:5 Pgs: 915-26
  Associated Grant: Role of Gamma-catenin in a Breast Cancer Mouse Model
The PHD domain of MEKK1 acts as an E3 ubiquitin ligase and mediates ubiquitination and degradation of ERK1/2
  Zhimin Lu
  Yr:2002 Vol:9 Nbr: Pgs: 945-956
  Associated Grant: Tamoxifen-Induced Endometrial Cell Transformation
BI-1 regulates an apoptosis pathway linked to endoplasmic reticulum stress.
  Chae HJ, Kim HR, Xu C, Bailly-Maitre B, et al and Reed JC
  Yr:2004 Vol:15 Nbr:3 Pgs: 355-66
  Associated Grant: Role of BI-1 Protein in Breast Cancer Apoptosis
Switching Cdk2 on or off with small molecules to reveal requirements in human cell proliferation.
  Merrick KA, Wohlbold L, Zhang C, Allen JJ, Horiuchi D, et al
  Yr:2011 Vol:42 Nbr:5 Pgs: 624-36
  Associated Grant: Targeting MYC in Human Breast Cancer
Crystal structure of the complex of diptheria toxin with an extracellular fragment of its receptor
  Louie GV, Yang W, Bowman ME, and Choe S
  Yr:1997 Vol:1 Nbr: Pgs: 67-78
  Associated Grant: Targeting Breast Cancer Using Diphtheria Toxin