Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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Telomerase activity and survival of patients with node-positive breast cancer
  Clark GM, Osborne CK, Levitt D, Wu F, and Kim NW
  Yr:1997 Vol:89 Nbr:24 Pgs: 1874-1880
  Associated Grant: Telomerase: A Factor for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
T-cell homeostasis in breast cancer survivors with persistent fatigue.
  Bower JE, Ganz PA, Aziz N, Fahey JL, Cole SW
  Yr:2003 Vol:95 Nbr:15 Pgs: 1165-1168
  Associated Grant: Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Fatigue in Breast Cancer
In vivo imaging, tracking, and targeting of cancer stem cells.
  Vlashi E, Kim K, et al, and Pajonk F
  Yr:2009 Vol:101 Nbr:5 Pgs: 350-9
  Associated Grant: Modulation of Breast Cancer Stem Cell Response to Radiation
Biomarker expression and risk of subsequent tumors after initial ductal carcinoma in situ diagnosis.
  Kerlikowske K, Molinaro AM, Gauthier ML, and Tlsty, TD
  Yr:2010 Vol:102 Nbr:9 Pgs: 627-37
  Associated Grant: Stratifying DCIS Biopsies for Risk of Future Tumor Formation
Tamoxifen and Antidepressant Drug Interaction in a Cohort of 16 887 Breast Cancer Survivors 10.1093/jnci/djv337
  Reina Haque, Jiaxiao Shi, Joanne E. Schottinger, Syed A. Ahmed, et al.
  Yr:2015 Vol:108 Nbr:3 Pgs:
  Associated Grant: Antidepressants and Breast Cancer Treatment Interactions