Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia

Index Medicus: J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia # of Articles: 7


Hedgehog signaling in mammary gland development.
  MT Lewis
  Yr:2001 Vol:6 Nbr:1 Pgs: 53-66
  Associated Grant: Homeobox Genes: A New Class of Human Breast Oncogenes?
Functional culture models for studying mechanisms governing mammary epithelial cell apoptosis in normal and malignant breast
  Weaver VM, Bissell MJ
  Yr:1999 Vol:4 Nbr:2 Pgs: 193-201
  Associated Grant: Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention: Cell Death vs Growth
It takes a tissue to make a tumor: epigenetics, cancer and the microenvironment.
  Barcellos-Hoff M.H.
  Yr:2001 Vol:6 Nbr:2 Pgs: 213-221
  Associated Grant: Role of p53 in Irradiated Stroma and Mammary Carcinogenesis
Helix-loop-helix proteins in mammary gland development and breast cancer.
  Desprez PY, Sumida T, Coppe JP
  Yr:2003 Vol:8 Nbr:2 Pgs: 225-239
  Associated Grant: Role of Id-2 in Breast Cancer and its Relationship to Id-1
Genetic and epigenetic changes in mammary epithelial cells may mimic early events in carcinogenesis.
  Tlsty, T.D., Crawford, Y.G., Holst, C.R., Fordyce, C.A., Zhang, J., McDermott, K., et al.
  Yr:2004 Vol:9 Nbr: Pgs: 263-74
  Associated Grant: Early Transitions in Breast Cancer
Preclinical imaging of mammary intraepithelial neoplasia with positron emission tomography.
  Abbey CK, Borowsky AD, Gregg JP, Cardiff RD, Cherry SR
  Yr:2006 Vol:11 Nbr:2 Pgs: 137-49
  Associated Grant: Targeted Chemoprevention in a Mouse Model for DCIS
Structural cues from the tissue microenvironment are essential determinants of the human mammary epithelial cell phenotype
  Weaver VM, Schmeichel KL, and Bissell MJ
  Yr:1998 Vol:3 Nbr:2 Pgs: 201-213
  Associated Grant: Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention: Cell Death vs Growth