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Characteristics Associated With Recurrence Among Women With Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Treated by Lumpectomy
  Kerlikowske K, Molinaro A, Cha I, Ljung BM, Ernster VL, Stewart K, Chew K, Moore DH, Waldm
  Yr:2003 Vol:95 Nbr:22 Pgs: 1692-1702
  Associated Grant: Predictors of Recurrent Breast Tumors in Women with DCIS
Association with anthracycline sensitivity in human breast cancers.
  Slamon DJ and Press MF
  Yr:2009 Vol:101 Nbr: Pgs: 615-618
  Associated Grant: Topoisomerase-IIa as a Predictor of Anthracycline Response