IEEE Transactions in Nuclear Science

Index Medicus: IEEE Trans Nucl Sci # of Articles: 7


A Study of Depth of Interaction Measurment using Bent Optical Fibers
  Shao Y, Cherry SR
  Yr:1999 Vol:46 Nbr: Pgs: 618-623
  Associated Grant: A New and Practical PET Detector for Imaging Breast Cancer
Design study of a high-resolution breast-dedicated PET system built from cadmium zinc telluride detectors
  Peng H, et al., and Levin CS
  Yr:2007 Vol:M19-35 Nbr: Pgs: 3700-3704
  Associated Grant: New Technology to Enhance PET Imaging of Breast Cancer
Signal Conditioning Technique for Position Sensitive Photodetectors to Manipulate Pixelated Crystal Identification Capabilities
  Lau FWY, Vandenbroucke A, Reynolds P, Ho H, Innes D, and Levin CS
  Yr:2012 Vol:59 Nbr:5 Pgs: 1815-1822
  Associated Grant: Electronics for High Resolution Breast-Dedicated PET
Characterization of a 64 channel PET detector with depth of interaction measurement ability
  Huber JS, Moses WW, Derenzo SE, et al.
  Yr:1997 Vol:44 Nbr: Pgs: 1197-2101
  Associated Grant: Novel PET cameras for Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer
Calibration of a PET detector module that measures depth of interaction
  Huber JS, Moses WW, and Virador PRG
  Yr:1998 Vol:45 Nbr: Pgs:
  Associated Grant: Novel PET cameras for Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer
PSPMT and Photodiode Designs of a Small Scintillation Camera for Imaging Breast Tumors
  Levin CS, Hoffman EJ, Tornai MP, MacDonald LR
  Yr:1997 Vol:44 Nbr:4 Pgs: 1513-1520
  Associated Grant: A Non-Invasive Method of Locating Malignant Breast Tumors
Design of a CZT based breastSPECT system
  Singh M, and Mumcuoglu E
  Yr:1998 Vol: 45 Nbr:3 Pgs: 1158-1165
  Associated Grant: High Resolution Breast Gamma Emission Imaging System