Index Medicus: PLOS One # of Articles: 7


Functional and transcriptional characterization of human embryonic stem cell-derived endothelial cells for treatment of myocardial infarction.
  Li Z, Wilson KD, Smith B, Kraft DL, Jia F, Huang M, Xie X, Robbins RC, et al, and Wu JC
  Yr:2009 Vol:4 Nbr:12 Pgs: e8443
  Associated Grant: Imaging of Novel Stem Cell Therapy Targeting Breast Cancer
Elucidating the CXCL12/CXCR4 signaling network in chronic lymphocytic leukemia through phosphoproteomics analysis.
  O'Hayre M, Salanga CL, Kipps TJ, Messmer D, Dorrestein PC, Handel TM
  Yr:2010 Vol:5 Nbr:7 Pgs: e11716
  Associated Grant: Chemokine Receptor Signaling in Breast Cancer
Development and validation of a method for profiling post-translational modification activities using protein microarrays.
  Del Rincón SV, Rogers J, Widschwendter M, Sun D, Sieburg HB, Spruck C
  Yr:2010 Vol:5 Nbr:6 Pgs: e11332
  Associated Grant: Finding BRCA1 Ubiquitinated Substrates in Breast Cancer
Discovery and preclinical validation of salivary transcriptomic and proteomic biomarkers for the non-invasive detection of breast cancer.
  Zhang L, Xiao H, Karlan S, Zhou H, and Wong D
  Yr:2010 Vol:5 Nbr:12 Pgs: e15573
  Associated Grant: Salivary Biomarkers for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Oxygen levels do not determine radiation survival of breast cancer stem cells.
  Lagadec C, Dekmezian C, Bauché L, Pajonk F
  Yr:2012 Vol:7 Nbr:3 Pgs: e34545
  Associated Grant: Modulation of Breast Cancer Stem Cell Response to Radiation
A Genome-wide Scan for Breast Cancer Risk Haplotypes among African American Women
  Song C, Stram DO, et al
  Yr:2013 Vol:8 Nbr: Pgs:
  Associated Grant: New Methods for Genomic Studies in African American Women
Methodological Considerations in Estimation of Phenotype Heritability Using GenomeWide SNP Data, Illustrated by an Analysis of the Heritability of Height in a Large Sample of African Ancestry Adults
  Chen F, He J, Zhang J, Chen GK, Thomas V, Ambrosone CB, et al
  Yr:2015 Vol:10 Nbr:6 Pgs: e013116
  Associated Grant: New Methods for Genomic Studies in African American Women