Developmental Cell

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Collective epithelial migration and cell rearrangements drive mammary branching morphogenesis.
  Ewald AJ, Brenot A, Duong M, Chan BS, Werb Z
  Yr:2008 Vol:14 Nbr:4 Pgs: 570-81
  Associated Grant: Regulation of Mammary Epithelial Invasion by MMPs and FGFs
Integrin avb3 Drives Slug Activation and Stemness in the Pregnant and Neoplastic Mammary Gland.
  Desgrosellier JS, Lesperance J, Seguin L, Gozo M, Shumei K, ... Cheresh DA
  Yr:2014 Vol:30 Nbr:3 Pgs: 295-308
  Associated Grant: Examining Metastatic Potential in Mammary Stem Cells