Cell Cycle

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ATR and ATM-dependent movement of BLM helicase during replication stress ensures optimal ATM activation and 53BP1 focus formation.
  Davalos AR, Kaminker P, Hansen RK, Campisi J
  Yr:2004 Vol:3 Nbr:12 Pgs: 1579-86
  Associated Grant: Does the BLM Gene Co-regulate BRCA1 in DNA Damage Response?
The atypical CDK activator Spy1 regulates the intrinsic DNA damage response and is dependent upon p53 to inhibit apoptosis.
  McAndrew CW, Gastwirt RF, Donoghue DJ
  Yr:2009 Vol:8 Nbr:1 Pgs: 66-75
  Associated Grant: FGFR2 Signaling in Human Breast Cancer Cells
GFP reporter mice for the retinoblastoma-related cell cycle regulator p107.
  Burkhart DL, Viatour P, Ho VM, Sage J
  Yr:2008 Vol:7 Nbr:16 Pgs: 2544-52
  Associated Grant: Novel Regulation of the Rb Pathway in Breast Epithelium
Pygo2 regulates histone gene expression and H3 K56 acetylation in human mammary epithelial cells.
  Gu B, Watanabe K, Dai X
  Yr:2012 Vol:11 Nbr:1 Pgs: 79-87
  Associated Grant: Regulation of Breast Stem-Progenitor Cell Chromatin by Pygo2