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Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
In vivo impact of xenoestrogen exposure on the human breast 2018 (Cycle 24) $788,664
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 24BB-2200
Impact of Reducing Chemical Exposure to the Human Breast 2015 (Cycle 21) $218,572
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 21AB-1401
Xenoestrogen-specific perturbations in the human breast 2011 (Cycle 17) $899,961
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 17UB-8702
Novel Cell-matrix Markers and Drivers of Breast Cancer 2011 (Cycle 17) $262,500
 Investigator(s): John Muschler, Ph.D. 17IB-0045
A Novel Biological Framework for the Role of Xenoestrogens 2006 (Cycle 12) $279,242
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 12IB-0115
Inhibition of Breast Cancer Aggressiveness by Cannabidiol 2006 (Cycle 12) $183,000
 Investigator(s): Sean McAllister, Ph.D. 12IB-0116
Discovering Novel Cell-ECM Interactions in Breast Cells 2004 (Cycle 10) $159,939
 Investigator(s): John Muschler, Ph.D. 10IB-0067
FKBP Proteins as Molecular Targets in Breast Cancer Therapy 2004 (Cycle 10) $88,906
 Investigator(s): Sylvia Fong, Ph.D. 10FB-0122
Molecular Pathogenesis of Metastatic Breast Cancer 2002 (Cycle VIII) $311,367
 Investigator(s): Robert Debs, M.D. 8WB-0164
Infinite Expansion of Breast Tumor Samples in Culture 2002 (Cycle VIII) $311,400
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 8WB-0032
Role of Id-2 in Breast Cancer and its Relationship to Id-1 2001 (Cycle VII) $296,531
 Investigator(s): Pierre-Yves Desprez, Ph.D. 7WB-0026
Enhanced HER-2 Directed Liposomal Therapeutics 2001 (Cycle VII) $332,938
 Investigator(s): Daryl Drummond, Ph.D. 7KB-0066
Child's Stress During Mother's Treatment for Breast Cancer 2001 (Cycle VII) $127,553
 Investigator(s): Ellen Levine, Ph.D., M.P.H. 7XB-0072
Child's Stress During Mother's Treatment for Breast Cancer 2001 (Cycle VII) $127,553
 Investigator(s): Dalia Ducker, Ph.D. 7XB-0072
Tumor Suppression by Dystroglycan in Breast Epithelial Cells 2001 (Cycle VII) $302,190
 Investigator(s): John Muschler, Ph.D. 7KB-0017A
Genetic Changes in Normal Epithelium of the Cancerous Breast 2000 (Cycle VI) $616,342
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 6PB-0083
Identification of Novel Id-1 Regulated Genes in Breast Cells 1999 (Cycle V) $75,600
 Investigator(s): Jarnail Singh, Ph.D. 5FB-0112
Id-1 Expression During Breast Cancer Progression 1999 (Cycle V) $78,031
 Investigator(s): Pierre-Yves Desprez, Ph.D. 5IB-0111
Molecular Mapping of Surgical Margins 1998 (Cycle IV) $287,992
 Investigator(s): Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D. 4CB-0134
A New System for Breast Cancer Drug Delivery 1998 (Cycle IV) $73,185
 Investigator(s): Daryl Drummond, Ph.D. 4FB-0154
Novel Breast Cancer Epithelial Cell Metalloproteinase 1997 (Cycle III) $193,995
 Investigator(s): Pierre-Yves Desprez, Ph.D. 3IB-0123
The Efficacy of Retreat for Low-Income Women with Breast Can 1997 (Cycle III) $87,499
 Investigator(s): Ellen Levine, Ph.D., M.P.H. 3AB-2801
Gene Therapy for Breast Cancer 1997 (Cycle III) $293,383
 Investigator(s): Robert Debs, M.D. 3CB-0039
Improved Delivery of Pharmaceuticals to Breast Cancer 1996 (Cycle II) $60,597
 Investigator(s): Dmitri Kirpotin, Ph.D. 2CB-0004A
The Invasive Nature of Epithelial Breast Cancer Cells 1995 (Cycle I) $269,852
 Investigator(s): Pierre-Yves Desprez, Ph.D. 1KB-0274A
A Candidate Breast Tumor Suppressor Gene on Chromosome 13 1995 (Cycle I) $305,953
 Investigator(s): David Schott, Ph.D. 1RB-0218