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Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
Systemic metabolic reprogramming by BC-secreted microRNAs 2014 (Cycle 20) $180,515
 Investigator(s): Shizhen Emily Wang, Ph.D. 20IB-0118
Breast cancer and neurocognitive outcomes 2013 (Cycle 19) $267,092
 Investigator(s): Sunita Patel, Ph.D. 19IB-0151
Increasing California's Capacity to Partner in Global Breast 2012 (Cycle 18) $25,000
 Investigator(s): Kimlin Ashing, Ph.D. 18MB-0001
Rescuing HR DNA Repair in BRCA1-Mutation Carriers 2012 (Cycle 18) $166,406
 Investigator(s): Jeremy Stark, Ph.D. 18IB-0046
Breast Cancer-secreted MicroRNAs in the Pre-metastatic Niche 2011 (Cycle 17) $252,000
 Investigator(s): Shizhen Emily Wang, Ph.D. 17IB-0054
Epigenetic changes as modifiers of BRCA1/ BRCA2 cancer risk 2011 (Cycle 17) $251,128
 Investigator(s): Susan Neuhausen, Ph.D. 17IB-0015
Biologically relevant screening of endocrine disruptors 2011 (Cycle 17) $1,512,000
 Investigator(s): Shiuan Chen, Ph.D. 17UB-8701
Reducing Surgical Morbidity of Breast Cancer Staging 2011 (Cycle 17) $272,483
 Investigator(s): Steven Chen, M.D. 17NB-0057
Sister Survivor: Improving Access to Survivorship Care Plan 2011 (Cycle 17) $837,587
 Investigator(s): Kimlin Ashing, Ph.D. 17BB-1000
Breast Cancer Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response with miRNA 2010 (Cycle 16) $249,000
 Investigator(s): Shizhen Emily Wang, Ph.D. 16IB-0081
A Novel Mediator of AI Resistance in Breast Cancer 2010 (Cycle 16) $76,000
 Investigator(s): Karineh Petrossian, M.S. 16GB-0061
California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium - COH 2010 (Cycle 16) $435,775
 Investigator(s): Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D. 16ZB-8003
Race & Ethnicity in Stage-specific Breast Cancer Survival 2009 (Cycle 15) $32,953
 Investigator(s): Katherine DeLellis Henderson, Ph.D. 15QB-8203
The Role of Estrogen Receptor in Endocrine Resistance 2009 (Cycle 15) $76,000
 Investigator(s): Hei Chan, B.S. 15GB-0027
Survival in de novo and Recurrent Metastatic Breast Cancer 2009 (Cycle 15) $249,000
 Investigator(s): Sumanta Pal, M.D. 15IB-0140
Risk Factors and Breast Cancer Survival in Black/White Women 2009 (Cycle 15) $89,996
 Investigator(s): Yani Lu, M.D. 15FB-0004
Race & Ethnicity in Stage-specific Breast Cancer Survival 2009 (Cycle 15) $30,946
 Investigator(s): Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D. 15QB-8204
Sister Survivor: Evaluating Best Practices in Social Support 2009 (Cycle 15) $5,000
 Investigator(s): Kimlin Ashing, Ph.D. 15BB-1000
Increasing the Voice of African Americans in Research 2008 (Cycle 14) $25,000
 Investigator(s): Kimlin Ashing, Ph.D. 14MB-0188
Community Breast Cancer Screening & Prevention Conferences 2008 (Cycle 14) $24,919
 Investigator(s): Jeffrey Weitzel, M.D. 14MB-0189
Prognostic Implications of DNA Glycation in Breast Cancer 2008 (Cycle 14) $67,060
 Investigator(s): Daniel Tamae, Ph.D. 14GB-0162
Mindful Movement Program for Breast Cancer Survivors 2008 (Cycle 14) $124,625
 Investigator(s): Rebecca Crane-Okada, Ph.D., RN, CNS, AOCN 14AB-1200
Sister Survivor: African American Breast Cancer Coalition 2007 (Cycle 13) $169,000
 Investigator(s): Kimlin Ashing, Ph.D. 13AB-1100
Mechanisms of HSP90 Inhibitor Action in Breast Cancer 2007 (Cycle 13) $67,871
 Investigator(s): Cynthie Wong, B.S., B.A. 13GB-0157
Hereditary Breast Cancer and Novel Hispanic BRCA Mutations 2006 (Cycle 12) $253,500
 Investigator(s): Jeffrey Weitzel, M.D. 12IB-0050
Grape Seed as a Natural Breast Cancer Chemopreventive Agent 2005 (Cycle 11) $251,381
 Investigator(s): Melanie Ruth Palomares, M.D., M.S. 11IB-0012
Structural Characterization of Aromatase 2005 (Cycle 11) $67,543
 Investigator(s): Yanyan Hong, M.S. 11GB-0125
Breast Cancer Prevention with Phytochemicals in Mushrooms 2004 (Cycle 10) $759,667
 Investigator(s): Shiuan Chen, Ph.D. 10PB-0140
Grape Seed as Aromatase Inhibitor for Breast Cancer Risk 2004 (Cycle 10) $0
 Investigator(s): Shiuan Chen, Ph.D. 10DB-0011
Grape Seed as Aromatase Inhibitor for Breast Cancer Risk 2004 (Cycle 10) $0
 Investigator(s): Melanie Ruth Palomares, M.D., M.S. 10DB-0011
Control of Aromatase Expression in Breast Cancer 2004 (Cycle 10) $59,631
 Investigator(s): Ikuko Kijima, M.S. 10GB-0088
Regulation of SXR and Drug Resistance in Breast Cancer 2002 (Cycle VIII) $41,984
 Investigator(s): Jennifer Murray, BA 8GB-0081
Breast Cancer Prevention with Phytoestrogens in Grape Juice 1998 (Cycle IV) $539,331
 Investigator(s): Shiuan Chen, Ph.D. 4PB-0115
Receptor Antibody-Enhanced Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer 1997 (Cycle III) $347,674
 Investigator(s): Yoko Fujita-Yamaguchi, Ph.D. 3CB-0186
Engineered antibodies for imaging & therapy of breast cancer 1996 (Cycle II) $87,924
 Investigator(s): Anna Wu, Ph.D. 2IB-0084
Control of Estrogen Production in Breast Cancer 1995 (Cycle I) $342,712
 Investigator(s): Shiuan Chen, Ph.D. 1RB-0118