University of California, Santa Barbara

  Award Total: $290,403 # of Awards: 3 Home Page:


  Olga Azarenko , M.A.- Claudia Gottstein , M.D.- Jennifer Smith , B.S.-


Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
Antibody-based Targeting of Breast Cancer Stem Cells 2009 (Cycle 15) $150,000
 Investigator(s): Claudia Gottstein, M.D. 15IB-0049
A Predictive Factor for Eribulin Treatment of Breast Cancer 2009 (Cycle 15) $74,988
 Investigator(s): Jennifer Smith, B.S. 15GB-0026
Sulforaphane: Its Potential for Treatment of Breast Cancer 2006 (Cycle 12) $65,415
 Investigator(s): Olga Azarenko, M.A. 12GB-0137