Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies

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  Ruth Gjerset , Ph.D.- Barbara Mueller , Ph.D.- Barbara Mueller , Ph.D.- Ingrid Schraufstatter , M.D.-


Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
Targeting Histone Acetyltransferase in Triple Negative BC 2011 (Cycle 17) $272,995
 Investigator(s): Ruth Gjerset, Ph.D. 17IB-0023
Local Adipocyte Function in Breast Cancer 2010 (Cycle 16) $272,993
 Investigator(s): Barbara Mueller, Ph.D. 16IB-0032
Complement-mediated Stem Cell Recruitment to Breast Cancer 2010 (Cycle 16) $136,500
 Investigator(s): Ingrid Schraufstatter, M.D. 16IB-0086
Treating BC Brain Metastases with Cytotoxic Lymphocytes 2008 (Cycle 14) $105,538
 Investigator(s): Barbara Mueller, Ph.D. 14IB-0045A