Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

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  Albert Deisseroth , M.D., Ph.D.- Ruth Gjerset , Ph.D.- Stefan Grotegut , Ph.D.- Margaret Huflejt , Ph.D.- Margaret Huflejt , Ph.D.- Joseph Lustgarten , Ph.D.- Joseph Lustgarten , Ph.D.- Joseph Lustgarten , Ph.D.- Daniel Mercola , M.D., Ph.D.- Barbara Mueller , Ph.D.- Barbara Mueller , Ph.D.- Magnus Pfahl , Ph.D.- F. Javier Piedrafita , Ph.D.- Wanda Reynolds , Ph.D.- Jan Schnitzer , M.D.- Jan Schnitzer , M.D.- Jacqueline Testa , Ph.D.-


Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
Treating BC Brain Metastases with Cytotoxic Lymphocytes 2008 (Cycle 14) $186,496
 Investigator(s): Barbara Mueller, Ph.D. 14IB-0045
Global Analysis of Protein Ubiquitination in Breast Cancer 2008 (Cycle 14) $45,000
 Investigator(s): Stefan Grotegut, Ph.D. 14FB-0114
Vascular Targeting Therapy for Breast Cancer 2006 (Cycle 12) $288,728
 Investigator(s): Albert Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D. 12IB-0159
Identification of Metastasis Competent Breast Cancer Cells 2006 (Cycle 12) $59,805
 Investigator(s): Barbara Mueller, Ph.D. 12IB-0096A
Her-2/neu-Crosreactive Analogs as Targets for Breast Cancer 2004 (Cycle 10) $371,110
 Investigator(s): Joseph Lustgarten, Ph.D. 10WB-0010
Glycoconjugates: Novel Non-toxic Therapies for Breast Cancer 2003 (Cycle IX) $191,278
 Investigator(s): Margaret Huflejt, Ph.D. 9IB-0032
Cryptic Peptides-Based Vaccines for Breast Tumor Treatment 2003 (Cycle IX) $371,110
 Investigator(s): Joseph Lustgarten, Ph.D. 9WB-0100
Retinoids in Combination Therapies against Breast Cancer 2002 (Cycle VIII) $389,000
 Investigator(s): F. Javier Piedrafita, Ph.D. 8WB-0065
Identifying Accessible Targets in Human Breast Tumors 2002 (Cycle VIII) $480,843
 Investigator(s): Jan Schnitzer, M.D. 8WB-0113
Targeting of Tumor-Promoting Galectins in Breast Cancer 2001 (Cycle VII) $182,500
 Investigator(s): Margaret Huflejt, Ph.D. 7IB-0039
Role of p14ARF in Metastatic Breast Cancer 2000 (Cycle VI) $365,000
 Investigator(s): Ruth Gjerset, Ph.D. 6JB-0077
A Novel Antigen Associated with Breast Cancer Metastasis 2000 (Cycle VI) $135,132
 Investigator(s): Jacqueline Testa, Ph.D. 6IB-0012
Targeting Breast Cancer Blood Vessels 1999 (Cycle V) $363,905
 Investigator(s): Jan Schnitzer, M.D. 5JB-0012
Antibody-IL-2 Fusion Protein for Breast Cancer Immunotherapy 1998 (Cycle IV) $419,144
 Investigator(s): Joseph Lustgarten, Ph.D. 4KB-0010
Hormonal Control of HER2neu and BRCA1 in Breast Cancer 1997 (Cycle III) $286,676
 Investigator(s): Wanda Reynolds, Ph.D. 3IB-0181
Enhancing breast cancer sensitivity to chemotherapy 1997 (Cycle III) $380,825
 Investigator(s): Daniel Mercola, M.D., Ph.D. 3CB-0246
Novel retinoids that induce apoptosis in breast cancer cells 1996 (Cycle II) $377,091
 Investigator(s): Magnus Pfahl, Ph.D. 2CB-0110