La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine

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  Per Borgstrom , Ph.D.- Longchuan Chen , Sc.D.- Brian Eliceiri , Ph.D.- Barbara Mueller , Ph.D.- Ingrid Schraufstatter , M.D.- Ingrid Schraufstatter , M.D.- Pragada Sriramarao , Ph.D.- Alex Strongin , Ph.D.- Alex Strongin , Ph.D.-


Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
Identification of Metastasis Competent Breast Cancer Cells 2006 (Cycle 12) $267,567
 Investigator(s): Barbara Mueller, Ph.D. 12IB-0096
Novel Approach to Analyze Estrogen Action in Breast Cancer 2005 (Cycle 11) $310,950
 Investigator(s): Brian Eliceiri, Ph.D. 11IB-0079
Defining a Role for Endothelial Precursor Cells in Breast 2002 (Cycle VIII) $199,174
 Investigator(s): Longchuan Chen, Sc.D. 8IB-0095
Are EGF-Receptors Activated by IL-8 in Breast Cancer? 2001 (Cycle VII) $155,475
 Investigator(s): Ingrid Schraufstatter, M.D. 7IB-0144
The Role of IL-8 and its Receptors in Angiogenesis 2000 (Cycle VI) $149,699
 Investigator(s): Ingrid Schraufstatter, M.D. 6JB-0060
Spatial Control of Matrix Proteolysis in Breast Cancer 1999 (Cycle V) $0
 Investigator(s): Alex Strongin, Ph.D. 5JB-0094
Leukocyte Recruitment, Angiogenesis and Breast Cancer 1998 (Cycle IV) $304,797
 Investigator(s): Pragada Sriramarao, Ph.D. 4JB-0164
How are Collagenses Involved in Breast Cancer Metastasis? 1996 (Cycle II) $584,513
 Investigator(s): Alex Strongin, Ph.D. 2RB-0028
Platelet factor 4: A Marker For Malignant Breast Tumors 1995 (Cycle I) $95,380
 Investigator(s): Per Borgstrom, Ph.D. 1IB-0493