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  Donna Albertson , Ph.D.- Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff , Ph.D.- Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff , Ph.D.- Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff , Ph.D.- Jamie Bascom , Ph.D.- Mina Bissell , Ph.D.- Aaron Boudreau , B.Sc.- Judith Campisi , Ph.D.- John Conboy , Ph.D.- Albert Davalos , Ph.D.- Albert Davalos , Ph.D.- Pierre-Yves Desprez , Ph.D.- Jimmie Fata , Ph.D.- Laurie Friesenhahn , Ph.D.- Sanjeev Galande , Ph.D.- Eli Gilad , Ph.D.- David Gilley , Ph.D.- Regine Goth-Goldstein , Ph.D.- Fabiana Guerra-Vladusic , Ph.D.- Carmen Hagios , Ph.D.- G. Shyamala Harris , Ph.D.- G. Shyamala Harris , Ph.D.- G. Shyamala Harris , Ph.D.- G. Shyamala Harris , Ph.D.- Koji Itahana , Ph.D.- Patrick Kaminker , Ph.D.- Paul Kaufman , Ph.D.- Sahn-Ho Kim , Ph.D.- Sahn-Ho Kim , Ph.D.- Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu , Ph.D.- Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu , Ph.D.- Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu , Ph.D.- Ana Krtolica , Ph.D.- Mark LaBarge , Ph.D.- Claudia Lin , Ph.D.- Yi-Ching Lio , Ph.D.- Andre Lochter , Ph.D.- Kunxin Luo , Ph.D.- Ruth Lupu , Ph.D.- Saira Mian , Ph.D.- William Moses , Ph.D.- John Muschler , Ph.D.- John Muschler , Ph.D.- Richard Neve , Ph.D.- Trent Northen , Ph.D.- Carlos Ortiz de Solorzano , Ph.D.- Daniel Pinkel , Ph.D.- Philippe Pujuguet , Ph.D.- Aylin Rizki , Ph.D.- Martha Stampfer , Ph.D.- Henry VanBrocklin , Ph.D.- Daojing Wang , Ph.D.- Valerie Weaver , Ph.D.- Paul Yaswen , Ph.D.- Paul Yaswen , Ph.D.- Paul Yaswen , Ph.D.- Rana Zahedi , Ph.D.-


Title[sort] Cycle Award[sort]
Human mammary organotypic cultures for chemical screening 2015 (Cycle 21) $1,569,791
 Investigator(s): Paul Yaswen, Ph.D. 21UB-8012
Mechanical stressors and age as regulators of telomerase 2014 (Cycle 20) $208,900
 Investigator(s): Mark LaBarge, Ph.D. 20IB-0109
Role of p68 in Breast Cancer 2009 (Cycle 15) $165,335
 Investigator(s): Daojing Wang, Ph.D. 15IB-0075
The Regulation of SATB1 in Metastatic Breast Cancer 2009 (Cycle 15) $36,379
 Investigator(s): Laurie Friesenhahn, Ph.D. 15FB-0097
Metabolite Imaging to Identify Drug Resistant Breast Cancer 2009 (Cycle 15) $171,892
 Investigator(s): Trent Northen, Ph.D. 15IB-0063
Tumor Suppressor 14-3-3sigma in Breast Cancer Progression 2008 (Cycle 14) $62,434
 Investigator(s): Aaron Boudreau, B.Sc. 14GB-0007
The Role of the ECM in Breast Cancer DNA Damage Repair 2005 (Cycle 11) $250,560
 Investigator(s): Albert Davalos, Ph.D. 11IB-0153
A Novel Epithelial-Stromal Model of Metastatic Breast Cancer 2005 (Cycle 11) $205,716
 Investigator(s): Richard Neve, Ph.D. 11IB-0154
Alternative pre-mRNA Splicing in Mammary Epithelial Cells 2003 (Cycle IX) $119,968
 Investigator(s): John Conboy, Ph.D. 9IB-0186
Functional Analysis of BORIS, A Novel DNA-binding Protein 2003 (Cycle IX) $92,426
 Investigator(s): Paul Yaswen, Ph.D. 9WB-0193
Studies of Telomere Capping Dysfunction in Breast Cancer 2002 (Cycle VIII) $117,712
 Investigator(s): David Gilley, Ph.D. 8KB-0119
Effect of Breast Cell Environment on Repair of DNA Damage 2002 (Cycle VIII) $80,656
 Investigator(s): Aylin Rizki, Ph.D. 8FB-0184
Does the BLM Gene Co-regulate BRCA1 in DNA Damage Response? 2002 (Cycle VIII) $80,671
 Investigator(s): Albert Davalos, Ph.D. 8FB-0148
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Breast Cancer Progression 2002 (Cycle VIII) $329,901
 Investigator(s): Carlos Ortiz de Solorzano, Ph.D. 8WB-0150
Global Gene Regulation by SATB1 in Metastatic Breast Cancer 2002 (Cycle VIII) $161,176
 Investigator(s): Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, Ph.D. 8IB-0183
Statistical Techniques for Breast Biology & Cancer Research 2002 (Cycle VIII) $792,845
 Investigator(s): Saira Mian, Ph.D. 8PB-0171
Understanding Aging Effects in the Breast 2002 (Cycle VIII) $448,730
 Investigator(s): Ana Krtolica, Ph.D. 8KB-0100
Role of Epimorphin and Progesterone in Breast Development 2002 (Cycle VIII) $23,713
 Investigator(s): Jamie Bascom, Ph.D. 8GB-0147
The Functions of BRCA2 in Repairing DNA Damage 2001 (Cycle VII) $485,757
 Investigator(s): Yi-Ching Lio, Ph.D. 7KB-0019
Tumor Suppression by Dystroglycan in Breast Epithelial Cells 2001 (Cycle VII) $9,624
 Investigator(s): John Muschler, Ph.D. 7KB-0017
Analysis of a Protease Involved in Mammary Development 2001 (Cycle VII) $79,595
 Investigator(s): Rana Zahedi, Ph.D. 7FB-0152
Telomere Clustering is Lost in Mammary Epithelial Tumors 2001 (Cycle VII) $79,999
 Investigator(s): Patrick Kaminker, Ph.D. 7FB-0018
Telomere Dynamics during Breast Development 2001 (Cycle VII) $157,189
 Investigator(s): Sahn-Ho Kim, Ph.D. 7KB-0151
Cancer and Complexity: Questions for a New Millenium 2000 (Cycle VI) $11,760
 Investigator(s): Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, Ph.D. 6MB-0144
Cancer and Complexity: Questions for a New Millenium 2000 (Cycle VI) $11,760
 Investigator(s): G. Shyamala Harris, Ph.D. 6MB-0144
Cancer and Complexity: Questions for a New Millenium 2000 (Cycle VI) $11,760
 Investigator(s): Mina Bissell, Ph.D. 6MB-0144
Role of MMPs in Breast Tumor Initiation and Aggressiveness 2000 (Cycle VI) $75,422
 Investigator(s): Jimmie Fata, Ph.D. 6FB-0131
Immortalization of Human Mammary Epithelial Cells by ZNF217 2000 (Cycle VI) $249,255
 Investigator(s): Paul Yaswen, Ph.D. 6JB-0133
DNA Packaging Defects in Breast Cancer 2000 (Cycle VI) $333,261
 Investigator(s): Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, Ph.D. 6JB-0134
Studies on the Role of the ER-beta in Breast Cancer 2000 (Cycle VI) $59,102
 Investigator(s): Eli Gilad, Ph.D. 6FB-0138
Tumor Suppression by Dystrogylcan in Breast Epithelial Cells 2000 (Cycle VI) $181,347
 Investigator(s): John Muschler, Ph.D. 6KB-0130
Role of p53 in Irradiated Stroma and Mammary Carcinogenesis 2000 (Cycle VI) $335,335
 Investigator(s): Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, Ph.D. 6JB-0132
Hox Genes in Normal Breast Development and Breast Cancer 1999 (Cycle V) $40,393
 Investigator(s): Carmen Hagios, Ph.D. 5FB-0158
Novel Binding Functions of Mutant p53 in Breast Cancer Cells 1998 (Cycle IV) $68,889
 Investigator(s): Koji Itahana, Ph.D. 4FB-0108
Development of EGFR-Based Imaging Agents for Breast Cancer 1998 (Cycle IV) $69,580
 Investigator(s): Henry VanBrocklin, Ph.D. 4IB-0059
Chromatin Regulation of Breast Cancer Cell Senescence 1998 (Cycle IV) $231,844
 Investigator(s): Paul Kaufman, Ph.D. 4JB-0089
Genes Involved in Immortalization of Human Mammary Cells 1998 (Cycle IV) $251,476
 Investigator(s): Martha Stampfer, Ph.D. 4JB-0119
Progesterone Receptor and Remodeling of Basement Membrane 1998 (Cycle IV) $120,681
 Investigator(s): G. Shyamala Harris, Ph.D. 4JB-0142
TGF-Beta Receptor Signaling and Breast Cancer 1998 (Cycle IV) $362,691
 Investigator(s): Kunxin Luo, Ph.D. 4KB-0151
Hormonal Regulation of TGF Beta During Mammary Development 1998 (Cycle IV) $758,817
 Investigator(s): Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, Ph.D. 4PB-0136
Fate Mapping of Progesterone Receptor Positive Breast Cells 1997 (Cycle III) $243,380
 Investigator(s): G. Shyamala Harris, Ph.D. 3IB-0034
Does Cell Aging Cause Breast Cancer? 1997 (Cycle III) $239,303
 Investigator(s): Judith Campisi, Ph.D. 3IB-0036
The Role of a Novel Estrogen Receptor in Breast Cancer 1997 (Cycle III) $231,039
 Investigator(s): Ruth Lupu, Ph.D. 3IB-0118
Breast Carcinoma Associated MAR-binding Proteins p90 and p70 1997 (Cycle III) $69,998
 Investigator(s): Sanjeev Galande, Ph.D. 3FB-0053
ECM-Regulated Transcription in Breast Cancer 1997 (Cycle III) $62,776
 Investigator(s): Philippe Pujuguet, Ph.D. 3FB-0055
Characterization of Heregulin Targeted Genes 1997 (Cycle III) $22,115
 Investigator(s): Fabiana Guerra-Vladusic, Ph.D. 3FB-0116
Identification of new candidate breast cancer genes 1996 (Cycle II) $135,748
 Investigator(s): Donna Albertson, Ph.D. 2RB-0225
Loss of Tumor Suppressor Proteins in Breast Cancer Cells 1996 (Cycle II) $69,605
 Investigator(s): Sahn-Ho Kim, Ph.D. 2FB-0226
Targeted search for new transcription factors in breast cell 1996 (Cycle II) $61,231
 Investigator(s): Claudia Lin, Ph.D. 2FB-0235
Progesterone Action in Human Breast Cancer 1995 (Cycle I) $85,733
 Investigator(s): G. Shyamala Harris, Ph.D. 1IB-0448
The Invasive Nature of Epithelial Breast Cancer Cells 1995 (Cycle I) $105,837
 Investigator(s): Pierre-Yves Desprez, Ph.D. 1KB-0274
Novel PET cameras for Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer 1995 (Cycle I) $446,093
 Investigator(s): William Moses, Ph.D. 1RB-0068
The Role of MAR-Binding Protein in Breast Cancer 1995 (Cycle I) $328,849
 Investigator(s): Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, Ph.D. 1RB-0381A
Metabolism of Environmental Chemicals as Breast Cancer Risk 1995 (Cycle I) $272,029
 Investigator(s): Regine Goth-Goldstein, Ph.D. 1RB-0429
Cell Microenvironment and Progression of Breast Cancer 1995 (Cycle I) $66,048
 Investigator(s): Andre Lochter, Ph.D. 1FB-0391
Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention: Cell Death vs Growth 1995 (Cycle I) $70,000
 Investigator(s): Valerie Weaver, Ph.D. 1FB-0400
New Method for Measuring Breast Cancer Gene Expression 1995 (Cycle I) $85,706
 Investigator(s): Daniel Pinkel, Ph.D. 1IB-0003