6th Symposium on the Intraductal Approach to Breast Cancer

Institution: Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
Investigator(s): Dixie Mills, M.D. -
Award Cycle: 2009 (Cycle 15) Grant #: 15MB-0001 Award: $25,000
Award Type: Joining Forces Conference Award
Research Priorities
Detection, Prognosis and Treatment>Innovative Treatment Modalities: search for a cure

Final Report (2009)

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s (DSLRF) mission is to eradicate breast cancer by advancing research and developing resources that explore the intraductal approach to the breast. As part of this effort and with the principal support from the CBCRP, the Foundation hosted the 6th International Symposium on the Intraductal Approach to Breast Cancer on February 19-21, 2009. This was the 2nd conference to be held in Santa Monica and again permitted many local Los Angeles participants- scientists and advocates to attend. Besides the Southern California attendees, more than 100 oncologists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, endocrinologists and breast cancer advocates attended from 14 countries around the world.

Newcomers (30% of attendees) found presentations and the opportunity for collaboration with experienced researchers to be exceptional. Evaluations were excellent in all categories and participants commented on the unique nature of the symposium in bringing together such a diverse group of researchers and advocates. The list of attendees with contact information was provided to all and can be found in the Appendix. We certainly felt that we reached our highest expectation with our first aim: to gather researchers together to describe their experiences, share their knowledge and to stimulate ideas related to the intraductal approach.

The 3 day Symposium opened with a morning mini-Symposium entitled “A Novel Etiology for Breast Cancer: Inflammation”. The next two days included presentations on a variety of new biomarkers for early detection found in nipple aspirate fluid or ductal lavage, the latest on the anatomy and physiology of the “normal” breast and advances in breast endoscopy. Again at this Symposium, small workshops were held which included live demonstrations of ductoscopy, ductosonography and methods of collecting nipple aspirate fluid. DSLRF research volunteers took part as live models for these demonstrations. Interspersed through the days were reports from previously funded pilot grants and proposals of new ones. Audience participation, questions and comments were encouraged. Saturday morning’s session included the latest on intraductal therapy from the lab to the clinical trial funded by the CBCRP in Eureka, Ca. New this year, was a panel of research resources, including the new Love/Avon Army of Women (AOW) and the Komen Indiana Tissue Bank. AOW advocates spoke during this time about their participation.

Saturday afternoon was free for networking or taking in a cultural event in LA. On Saturday night, a Public Panel provided the local community with an opportunity to learn more about ongoing intraductal research and the promise it holds for finding a cure or better prevention and treatment for breast cancer. An evening Awards Dinner was also held to celebrate excellence in research and philanthropy. The Foundation also awarded $84,000 in pilot grants to 8 new investigators for their unique studies in the intraductal field.

Planning is underway for the 7th Symposium for February 2011.