Enhanced HER-2 Directed Liposomal Therapeutics

Institution: Hermes Biosciences, Inc.
Investigator(s): Daryl Drummond, Ph.D. - Daryl Drummond, Ph.D. -
Award Cycle: 2001 (Cycle VII) Grant #: 7KB-0066A Award: $131,823
Award Type: New Investigator Awards
Research Priorities
Detection, Prognosis and Treatment>Innovative Treatment Modalities: search for a cure

This is a collaboration with: 7KB-0066 -
Extensive distribution of liposomes in rodent brains and brain tumors following convection-enhanced delivery.
Periodical:Journal of Neurooncology
Index Medicus: J. Neoroonc.
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Enhanced pharmacodynamic and antitumor properties of a histone deacetylase inhibitor encapsulated in liposomes or ErbB2-targeted immunoliposomes.
Periodical:Clinical Cancer Research
Index Medicus: Clin Cancer Res
Authors: Drummond DC, Marx C, Guo Z, Scott G, Noble C, Wang D, Pallavicini M, Kirpotin DB, Benz CC
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Clinical development of histone deacetylase inhibitors as anticancer agents.
Periodical:Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Index Medicus: Ann Rev Pharmacol Toxicol
Authors: Drummond DC, Noble CO, Kirpotin DB, Guo Z, Scott GK, Benz CC
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Development of ligand-targeted liposomes for cancer therapy.
Periodical:Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Index Medicus: Expert Opin Ther Targets
Authors: Noble CO, Kirpotin DB, Hayes ME, Mamot C, Hong K, Park JW, Benz CC, Marks JD, Drummond DC
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Liposome-based approaches to overcome anticancer drug resistance.
Periodical:Drug Resistance Updates
Index Medicus: Drug Resist Updat
Authors: Mamot C, Drummond DC, Hong K, Kirpotin DB, Park JW
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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-targeted immunoliposomes mediate specific and efficient drug delivery to EGFR- and EGFRvIII-overexpressing tumor cells.
Periodical:Cancer Research
Index Medicus: Cancer Res
Authors: Mamot C, Drummond DC, Greiser U, Hong K, Kirpotin DB, Marks JD, Park JW
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Epidermal growth factor receptor-targeted immunoliposomes significantly enhance the efficacy of multiple anticancer drugs in vivo.
Periodical:Cancer Research
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