UCSF Breast Oncology Program Scientific Retreat

Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Investigator(s): Laura van't Veer, Ph.D. -
Award Cycle: 2014 (Cycle 20) Grant #: 20MB-0001 Award: $8,023
Award Type: Joining Forces Conference Award
Research Priorities
Detection, Prognosis and Treatment>Innovative Treatment Modalities: search for a cure

Final Report (2014)

Overview: The UCSF Breast Oncology Program Scientific Research Retreat was designed to bring together a diverse community of individuals from UCSF and the Bay Area to learn about current breast cancer research from a variety of specialties. The two-day conference included four sessions (with scientific themes focused on adaptive patient management, including risk based screening; targeted treatment to anticipate resistance; imaging responses; and the tailoring survivorship care) and an interactive poster session. The poster session provided an opportunity for all meeting participants, including junior level personnel and patient advocates, to present a poster. The top posters were selected to present a brief podium talk, which was also summarized by more senior discussants who framed the importance of the research within the current state of the science. The specific intent of the conference funding application was to fund the poster session of the retreat.

Completion of stated aims: Posters were submitted in five categories: Detections and Biomarkers, Epidemiology and Population Science; Molecular Biology; Physical Science; and Therapeutics and Clinical Trials. A total of thirty-six poster abstracts were accepted. All the submissions are reviewed by senior scientists, and the most outstanding submissions in each category are chosen to give a presentation from the podium. The senior scientists who select the top posters served as session moderators, and gave an overarching explanation of the greater theme, timeliness and importance. Such reflection on the presented work is highly appreciated by the more lay audience of the conference, as well as by the experienced scientists.

Barriers: No barriers were encountered.

Major accomplishments: The UCSF Breast Oncology Program Scientific Research Retreat featured 14 speakers in addition to the five poster podium presentations and discussions. The retreat also featured two videos developed by research advocates. The retreat accommodated 224 pre-registered attendees including UCSF faculty, staff, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, students, members of the UCSF Breast Oncology Advocacy program, representative from local biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and members of the public. The poster session was attended by over half of the retreat attendees and lead to new development projects, recently awarded funding from the Breast Oncology Program Development Program which is supported by philanthropic gifts, as well as additional novel projects funded by a special philanthropic gift. These projects are generating preliminary data that will result in grant proposal submitted to external agencies such as the NIH and DOD.

Future Plans: The date for next year’s UCSF Breast Oncology Program Scientific Research Retreat has already been set. The event will follow a similar format with podium presentations and a poster session.